The Ghadghadi Falls is the largest waterfall in Gariaband.

And is named after the sound of water falling below 120 feet height Gharghadi waterfall

The waterfall is 250 feet long and 120 feet high.

Developing as a trekking site

Delectable natural wealth is hidden in the plains and hilly areas of the district.

but due to a lack of access everywhere, beauty is hidden from the world.

There is also a similar 120 feet high waterfall Ghadghadi in the Gariaband block.

whose beauty was hidden in the forest area till now and now it has come out in front.

Only two development blocks Fingeshwar and Devbhog are plain land development blocks.

while the remaining three are Chhura, Gariaband, and Mainpur hilly development blocks.

The biggest waterfall in the region is in the east of this Gariyaband development block.


The interesting reason for keeping the name is that when the water stream comes down from the 250 feet-long and 120 feet high peaks.

So, tearing the chest of rocks, there is a roar due to the strong flow, due to which Ghadghadi Falls.


Due to the presence of many trees against the flow, the waterfall is divided into many steps from the peak to the valley and appears hidden.

So, in smooth granite rocks, climbing the waterfall against the flow here is like challenging the moss-covered granite rocks.

It is also dangerous.

The water of the waterfall flows through the rocks, at some places it is about 30 degrees, at some places, it is 45 degrees and at some places, it is 60 degrees.


Best time to visit

 The right time to see is the rainy season and the beginning of autumn.


Safety and vigilance are necessary due to dense forest

 How to reach Ghadghadi Falls

From the district headquarter of Gariaband district on Devbhog road.

one can reach Joba village to Darripara village by paved road.

After this one has to take a rough road from Darripara to reach Chipri village.

Plantation, afforestation, and fencing have been done by the forest department.

just outside the settlement of Chipri village in the east direction.

On moving forward about one and a half km along this fencing.

after a forest trail full of ups and downs, a drain near the village starts appearing, whose stream is very fast due to the mountainous area.

From here, walking against the flow of about one and a half kilometers along the river path.


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