Ghodadhar Waterfall is on the Shishupala mountain, whose highest peak is  Chemakuti.

For lovers of natural beauty, adventure, and trekking, a trip to this steep mountain can be a memorable experience.

There is a big ground on the top of this mountain which is unique in itself.

There is a seasonal waterfall  Ghoradhar falling from a great height, the center of public faith is the ancient Shiva temple, there is a wonderful spread of herbs and there is an interesting story of a king’s self-esteem.

 Shishupal Mountain is spread over a vast area of about 10 km in the Mahasamund district.

From a distance, its peak looks like a silver crown.

It is not easy to climb straight and climb the stones divided into pieces at some places, but these things make this trip adventurous.


Distance from Raipur to Ghodadhar Waterfall

Shishupal Mountain is at a distance of about 157 km from Raipur.

Distance from Mahasamund to Ghodadhar Waterfall

 about 28 km from Saraipali in the Mahasamund district.

What to see Ghodadhar Waterfall 

If you are fond of trekking on top of the mountain, then you must have climbed many mountains.

but Shishupal Mountain The flat part that you will see after climbing will surprise you.

Palace and Ghoradhar Waterfall Here is the palace of King Shishupala on the mountain.

Which is now in a dilapidated condition.

In the context of King Shishupala, it is said that he was very courageous and self-respecting.

It is told that when the English Sultanate attacked the palace and surrounded the king with the intention of occupation, Shishupala blindfolded his horse and jumped from the top of this huge mountain.

That’s why the waterfall falling from this mountain is called “Ghoradhar Falls”.

It is a seasonal waterfall that can be seen during the rainy season.

The waterfall falling from a height of about 1000 feet has cut the stones in such a way that the view has become very attractive.

Shiv Temple

Shiv Temple, There is an ancient Shiva temple here.

A huge fair is held outside this temple dedicated to Lord Shiva even today on the occasion of Makar Sankranti.

Thousands of devotees come here.

It is said that earlier Hanuman coin was studded in this sun-mukhi temple.

Which was considered very powerful and influential.

But now this coin is missing from here.

Rani Talab and Raja Kachari tell that King Shishupala had two queens.

Both had separate lakes i.e. ponds which are still there.

There are also the ruins of the king’s court, where the king used to meet the subjects.

The tunnel had an armory.

There is a very long tunnel here.

The sand of the river has now blocked the way to this tunnel, but the local residents tell that the weapons and weapons of the king are still lying inside the tunnel.

3 The huge cave here is a very deep cave on the mountain.

The cave is so spacious that hundreds of people can sit inside to take a rest at once.

Panchmukhi Hanuman Temple

After climbing a few hundred meters you will find a small Hanuman temple.

Local people say that the villagers have worked hard so that people can relax a bit by reaching this Panchmukhi Hanuman temple.

When they go to the temple fair, they bring sand and a few bricks in a bag.

And lay it here.

This has created a place for the mountaineers to sit down when they are tired.

Herbs Many Ayurvedic herbs can be seen around this mountain.

Shatavar and Ashwagandha are especially plentiful here.

Preparations have already started to develop Shishupal Mountain as a tourist destination, although tourists have been coming here even before.

But the facilities will be better in future.

How to visit

By Rail

If you also plan a trip to Shishupal mountain, then you can get down at Mahasamund railway station in Chhattisgarh.

By plane

you can further travel by cab after coming to Vivekananda Airport, Raipur.


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