Giroudpuri Dham is world famous not only in Satnam Pant but from the religious and tourism point of view of the entire Chhattisgarh. 

In this holy land of Guru Ghasidas Baba.

So, people come from far and wide to have a glimpse of him.

Every year thousands of people come to Giroudpuri Dham Chhattisgarh throughout the year.

The holy height here is 77 meters (243 feet), which is 7 meters higher than the Kutumb Minar of India.

Girodhpuri is a popular religious and pilgrimage site located in Chhattisgarh, India.

It is in the Bilaspur district of the state.

The site is of great significance to the Satnami community, which follows the teachings of Guru Ghasidas.

The main attraction of Giroudpuri Dham is the Girodhpuri Temple, which is the primary pilgrimage spot for followers of Guru Ghasidas.

The temple complex consists of several buildings and structures, including the main temple where the idol of Guru Ghasidas is worshipped.

Devotees from various parts of Chhattisgarh and neighboring states visit the temple to seek blessings and participate in religious ceremonies and festivals.

Giroudpuri Dham also has facilities to accommodate pilgrims, including guesthouses and a large prayer hall.

The site attracts a significant number of visitors during important religious festivals, such as Guru Ghasidas Jayanti.

Giroudpuri Dham Darshan 

A bell weighing 101 kg is at the entrance of Baba Gurughasi ji. 

As Entering the temple, you will start feeling spiritual bliss, which is very soothing. 

Baba Ji’s shrine is in the center of the temple complex, with a Manokamna tree in front of it.

Here people tie a coconut to a white cloth after their wishes are fulfilled.

However, In this complex, you will see three other temples together. 

In the first temple, Baba Ji brought his wife Safura back to life. 

The second temple is Manokamna Mandir. 

And in the third temple, Babaji plays in his childhood. 

A temple has been built in a few years which belongs to Baba Amardas ji, son of Baba Gurughasi Das.

Behind the temple complex, there are two kunds adjacent to the Bar forests – 

Charan Kund

 Amrit Kund

It is said that when Babaji was coming after attaining enlightenment, he washed his feet in Charan Kund.

 And revived the dead baby deer with the water of Amrit Kund.

 The water of both these kunds never gets spoiled. 

There is a lion cave at some distance near Amrit Kund.

lions still come to this cave after dusk.

History of Baba Gurughasi Das Ji.

Chhattisgarh is the birthplace of Saints and Mahatmas. 

Among them Satguru Baba Ghasidas ji, the originator of the Satnam religion of Chhattisgarh in the 18th century, is prominent. Born on December 18, 1756, in the village Giraudpuri in the house of father Mahangudas and mother Amrautin.

He used to solve the most challenging problems very easily. Married to Anjori Das, a resident of Sirpur, and Safura, the beautiful, gentle daughter of Satyavati alias Savitri. Safura was an embodiment of compassion, mercy, sacrifice, penance and affection. Four sons of Guru Ghasidas, Amardas ji, Balakdas ji, Agardas ji, Adgadiya Das ji, and a daughter Sahodra were born to him respectively.

guru ghasidas baba ji birth place

At that time there was a treaty between the British and the Marathas. He was greatly disturbed by injustice, tyranny, untouchability, caste discrimination, conservatism, religious superstition and ostentation etc. in the society. Tired of all these circumstances, he went to the forest. He got engrossed in penance and meditation.

When he came back, his wife Safura had passed away. Due to his stubbornness, the villagers pulled his dead body out of the ground. Before the examination, he brought the dead calf back to life. Seeing which people had come to know that Baba has supernatural powers.

To awaken consciousness in the public, he started preaching and promoting Satnam, due to which his respect started increasing gradually. After that people came from far and wide and started becoming his followers. Impressed by his supernatural glory and preaching, people of all religions and castes became followers by adopting Satnam religion.

Major sermons of Satguru Baba Ghasidas Ji.

Baba Ghasidas ji’s main sermon –

‘Satnam’ is the essence. Which is included in every movement of every living being. Therefore, believe in ‘Satnam’ only.

‘Sat’ is the ornament of human. Therefore, by applying the truth in your mind, words, deeds, behavior and conduct, become a person of good knowledge, a good worker, and a good person.

‘Manav Manav Ek Saman’ means all human beings on earth are equal.

Leave idol worship, superstition, conservatism, extravagance, untouchability, caste discrimination, sacrifice, meat-eating, intoxication, adultery, theft, gambling etc. unethical deeds.

Leaving conspiracies like work, anger, attachment, greed, ego, hatred and adopting human qualities like truth, non-violence, kindness, compassion, sympathy, walk on the path of seven.

Women and men are equal. Give respect to the woman. But consider woman as mother.

Have mercy on all beings. Don’t plow cow, buffalo in the plow and don’t run the plow in the afternoon.

Giroudpuri  Dham Fair

Friends, you have read till here, it means you must know about the grand event of Giroudpuri fair. This fair is organized every year in the Shukla Paksha of Falgun month on Panchami, Shashthi, and Saptami for three days. People come from far and wide to see this fair. And enjoy the fair for three days. In Giroudpuri Mela, within three days the number of people reaches beyond lakhs. So many people reach just for the darshan and blessings of Baba Ji’s Gurugaddi.

You may be from any corner of this country. You must visit this grand fair once. 

This fair is only based on faith, due to which people come here to roam and have darshan.

Attractions of Giroudpuri Dham

Giroudpuri village is famous as Giroudpuri Dham for the followers of Satnam religion. 

Let us go about the sightseeing places of Giroudpuri Dham.

Attractions of Giroudpuri Dham

The main Gurugaddi of Satguru Baba Ghasidas Ji 

It is on a hill at a distance of 2 km from Giroudpuri village. At this place, under Aunra, Dhaunra, and Tendu trees, Baba Ji attained the knowledge of the soul “Satnam” after six months of severe penance. That’s why it is also  Tapobhoomi. Devotees pray for the fulfillment of their wishes and for the relief of suffering.

Charan Kund in Giroudpuri dham

 At a short distance south of the main Gurugaddi Tapobhoomi, there is a pool under the hill, which is called “Charan Kund”.

Amrit Kund in Giroudpuri dham

 100 meters ahead of Charan Kund is “Amrit Kund”. Babaji had revealed “Amrut Jal” here with his supernatural power to solve the problems of living beings and wild animals. Its holy water does not spoil even after keeping it for years. And here Baromas are full of water.

The world’s tallest Jaitkham in Giroudpuri dham

 Built by the Government of Chhattisgarh at a cost of Rs 54 crore, the huge white Jaitkham is the main center of attraction for the people. Whose height is 243 feet.

Footprints place 

The footprints of Satguru Baba are made on a rock in such a way as if someone’s footprints are made on wet soil.

Baghpanja site 

 A tiger’s foot mark is made on a rock. It is said that Satpurush Saheb came in the form of a tiger to test Babaji, the same symbol is made on the stone.


There is Panchkundi after going 6 km ahead of Tapobhoomi. There are five different kunds built here. Devotees drink whose water.


 7 km away from Tapobhoomi, there is a huge rock in the middle of the Bar forest, which is called Chatapahar. Here Sadhguru Baba Ghasidas ji did penance, meditation and spiritual practice.


Janmabhoomi located in Giroudpuri Basti is not only the birthplace of Satguru Baba Ghasidas Ji, but also the birthplace of his 5 children. A very old Jaitkham is established at the entrance of the birthplace. This is Babaji’s house. At this place you will get to see his birthplace, Bawdi, Bari everything.

Safuramath and pond 

 About 200 yards away from the place of birth, there is a small pond in the east direction, on the banks of which is ‘Safuramath’, when Babaji returned home after attaining enlightenment, his wife Safura had died. Whom Baba ji revived by saying Satnam-Satnam by giving him nectar. This monastery has been built in the memory of that incident.

Bachhiya Jeevandan Sthal 

The ‘Bachhiya Jeevandan Smarak’ has been built adjacent to Giroudpuri Basti. At the behest of the people, Guru Baba brought alive the dead calf here.

Bahera Doli 

 1 km before reaching Giroudpuri village, there is ‘Bahera Doli’ farm at 1 km towards west from Naharpar. It was here that Babaji plowed the land with a useless and poor bullock. The incurable disease like ‘Chatiya Matia’ of the farm was removed by his influence, hence it is also called ‘Matiya Doli’.

How to Reach Giroudpuri Dham

To promote the development of Chhattisgarh tourism, the road reach all the tourist places.

By Air 

Swami Vivekananda Mana Airport Raipur is the nearest airport. 

By Rail 

Raipur and Bilaspur are the nearest railway stations.

By Road 

 126 km from Raipur, 78 km from Bilaspur, 50 km from Balodabazar, and 21 km from Vikaskhand Kasdol. Regular buses ply on this route throughout the year.

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