Gumdapal Shiv Temple Bastar

Gumadapal Shiv Temple is 15 km from Kate-Kalyan on Kate Kalyan-Jagdalpur road in Central Bastar district of Chhattisgarh. And about 42 km from Jamdalpur city.

In India, people mainly visit temples for spiritual purposes as they are mostly non-atheists.

The construction of the Shiva temple aims to cater to the spiritual, cultural, and social beliefs of the locals and tourists alike.

These temples serve as replicas of common Gods and are a reflection of India’s ancient past and the diverse ways people worshipped.

The temple walls are adorned with idol designs that depict the ancient culture of India, making them a magnificent sight to behold.

Since the temples are worship areas hence they are flooded with visitors and pilgrims throughout the year.

The temples are mostly the areas wherein people can find peace and dwell in spirituality.

Hence, devotees are always welcomes to the temple premises.

So,Might this not be a different place of visit for Indians, but it is for people who are not from India.

In fact, every temple has its own origin and is a must visit by any human.

Visiting one of the greatest replicas, the Shiva temple should be on your list to practice some peaceful and spirituality during your trip to the state that houses natural beauties, the Chhattisgarh.


It is at a Singaiguri near Gumadapal village at a distance of 1500 meters.

The Shiva Temple is in Gumadpal in Singhaighuri, accessible via the Katekalyan-jagdalpur road connected through Tirathgarh.

Gumdapal Shiv Temple Bastar

This temple is called Gumadapal Shiva Temple after the name of the village itself.

It is also a beautiful example of regional architecture.

This temple faces east, in which the antaral and the sanctum sanctorum are two parts.

In the sanctum sanctorum, Shivalinga is installed on the water reservoir or Yonipeeth.

The temple is constructed on a high platform.

However, temple was built between the 13th and 14th century by the kings of the Kakatiya dynasty.

The temple is built on a raised platform of about 20 feet high and 2 feet high Jagati.

So, temple also appears like a heritage site and has an architecture that reflects the area in which it is constructed.

The Shiva Temple serves the spiritual, cultural, and social dimensions and beliefs of the people living in the area as well as the tourists.


The walls of the Shiv Temple are inscribed with sculptures that depict and portray the ancient culture of India.

Visiting temples gives immense peace to a person.

So, in Bastar, most of the great goddesses are considered to be Maa Danteshwari, Maa Mavali, and Maa Banjarin.



Distance of Gumdapal Shiv Temple Bastar from Katekalyan


The Shiva Temple is 15kms from Katekalyan.

How to reach

Gumdpal village, also known as Chingitarai.

It is also on the route to Katekalyan.

It is ahead of the renowned Tirathgarh waterfall.

The village is home to a small ancient temple near a pond, known as Gumadpal Shiv Temple.

This temple is approximately 15 km away from Katekalyan.


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