The Handawada Waterfalls is built on the Goyander River.

Handawada Falls is a jewel of beautiful nature spread in the dense forests of Abujhmad of Bastar. 

The Bollywood superhit film ‘Bahubali’ was supposed to be shot on this, but permission could not be given due to the Naxal-affected area. It is not easy to reach here. Kodenar Ghat of the Indravati river is five km away from Barsur in the Dantewada district. After crossing the river, the area of Abujhmad begins.

the tribes built a suspension bridge in this place by tying pieces of bamboo together with wire.

 It leads to this waterfall. 

 this waterfall is about 5 km from Handwara village.

More about Handawada waterfalls

Bastar division is famous all over the world for its mythological, natural, archaeological, and cultural heritage, but there are many such untouched places of interest in this land that even today tourists have not been able to reach.

Chitrakot, Tirathgarh, Phulpad, Tamdaghumar, etc. are such waterfalls in Bastar division that tourists easily reach, but Handwara waterfall under Orchha block of Narayanpur district is the biggest and highest waterfall in this region.

A stream flowing from the plains of Abujhmad forms a beautiful waterfall in Dharadongri. 

 The height of this waterfall is about 300 feet.

Just above the waterfall, there is another waterfall in the middle of Kush flowers.

 Nature filled his heart with beauty in Bastar.

The uniquely beautiful nature makes Bastar a top tourist destination.

The green valleys, the tops of skyscrapers, and the beautiful waterfalls here can enchant anyone.

The specifics of Bastar’s Dantevada region are not very hospitable.

high mountain peak amidst the dense forest of Ganesh Ji, Dantewada offers a unique blend of nature and history.

People want to visit two places in Bastar.

The first is Dholkal and the second is  Handwara waterfall. 

Its beauty is so captivating that people don’t want to leave it and keep looking for it. 

 To reach the waterfall, you have to go through dense forest for 4 km.

The forest is very dense and scary.

It is impossible and dangerous to get here without the help of the villagers.

The vastness and unparalleled beauty of the waterfall relieve all fatigue.

 The sound of water falling from the top of the waterfall and the green surroundings make my heart very happy.

The sound of this waterfall is clearly audible in the village 4 km away. 


 Because of the Maoist terror, there is no way to cross the river, so you have to walk to get there.

You can get there on foot along the way.

If you want to ride a two-wheeled vehicle, you can cross the Indravati River in Mukanar, load your bike into a boat and cross the river to get here on foot.

It is recommended to bring a knowledgeable person with you to visit this place.

Not easy to walk on the slippery paths of Handawada waterfalls

It slippery paths in dense forests.

After some distance, the trail reaches a point where there is mud.

Overcoming it is a big challenge.

The bigger challenge is to cross the Madri Nala.

On rainy days there is water up to the neck in the drain.

At this place, the tribals have made a pedestrian suspension bridge by tying bamboo splinters with wire.

From there, one has to travel about 15 kilometers on foot.

Bedma and other small villages come on the way.

Handwara village is the top of the first day of the journey.

The distance of the waterfall from the village is about five kilometers.

The roar is heard up to four kilometers away

While walking on the mountain trails and rocks, the waterfall’s roar is heard, which can be heard from a distance of about four kilometers.

Falling from a height of about three hundred feet, Handwara Falls is one of the highest waterfalls in Bastar.

It is so beautiful that on seeing it all the tiredness of the journey goes away.

It is difficult to capture its beauty completely in a picture.

The feeling of reaching the waterfall is different and special.

The problem is that Naxalites are in power in the area and it is difficult to cross the river without their permission.

Best time to visit Handawada waterfalls

 On rainy days, the waterfall takes on a massive appearance.

In summer, there is not enough water in the sewer system, and the space becomes cramped.

In the rainy season, the river Indravati reaches its peak. So getting here at that time is very difficult.

This waterfall tour is available from November to March. 

whenever you come to this place, you must keep a guide with you.

The best time to visit this place is between October to December. Meanwhile, this waterfall keeps moving at a slow pace.

How to reach Handawada waterfalls

To reach Handwara village under the Orchha development block of Narayanpur district, you must first enter Maa Danteshwari temple site Dantewada.

One has to reach Handwara village via Dantewada – Gidam – Barsur – Cherpal.

After trekking 3 km on foot from this village, you will see Handawada Falls.


By Air 

The only airport in Chhattisgarh is located in Mana Raipur, apart from this air travel can be done from Bilaspur and Raipur district of Chhattisgarh in Jagdalpur.

By Railway 

The Raipur metropolis can be reached from the Raipur railway junction. and from Jagdalpur district to Chhattisgarh

By Road 

 Distance of Dantewada from Jagadalpur

  84 km

Distance of Dantewada from Raipur 

 355 Km

Distance of Dantewada from Bilaspur 

 84 km


Best Tourist Places in Bastar

Some Famous Places in Bastar 


Danteshwar Temple 

Chitrakoot Waterfalls 

Tiragarh Waterfall 

Barsoor Temple 

Kanger Valley National Park

Kotumsar Cave 

Tamada Ghumar Waterfall 

Jagadalpur City 

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