Hanuman Garhi Dham is on Chakchakwa Hill on the way out of the city on the Katghora to Ambikapur road.

Until a few years ago this hill was full of rocks.

Now it is a pilgrimage site as well as a picturesque green area.

There is a big footprint on the rock here, which is full of water even in the hot summer.

It is believed that this mark is made by keeping the feet of Hanuman Ji.

There is a huge temple of Adi Shakti Devi Maa, Hanuman ji, Shankar ji, and Ram Darbar on the hill.

The Adam Kadam idols of Ram Darbar have taken a living form.

Hanuman Garhi is also a center of attraction for tourists in autumn and winter after the rains.


Katghora is located at a distance of 80 km from Bilaspur and 30 km from Korba.

 Hanumangarhi of Korba, where Lord Hanuman stayed while searching for Sita

Hanumangarhi is located in Katghora of Korba where Hanuman stayed while searching for Sita.

The footprints of Hanuman are still present here.

It is believed that after the abduction of Sita, the brave Hanuman stayed here.

Hanuman’s footprints are still present here, due to which Hanuman Jayanti is celebrated in Hanumangarhi or Hanuman devotees from far and wide reach here.

Korba is situated at a distance of 30 km from the district headquarters on the way.

The temple is established on the top of Chak Chakwa mountain.

Where the view is very captivating.

A legend is famous about the temple (Specialities of Korba Hanumangarhi).

According to this, when Ravana abducted Mother Sita, then Hanuman went out to find her.

During this time he stayed on Chak Chakwa mountain. His footprints were made here.

A footprint on this mountain still exists.

The pit made from the mark is filled with water for 12 months of the year.

This water never dries up. People call it the miracle of Bajrangbali.

There is also a grand temple of Lord Rama, Lakshmana, and Sita on the top of the mountain.

The first idol of Hanuman was installed here in the year 1974.

A few years ago a grand development of the Hanumangarhi complex has been done on Chak Chakwa mountain.

The view from top to bottom is also very beautiful, attracting people not only from the district but also from all over the state.

The sound of ghungroos comes at night in Hanuman Garhi Dham

the priest of the temple, says that the fame of the temple is due to the fact that Hanuman ji stayed here, whose footprints are there.

A beautiful chhatri has been constructed over there.

The statue of Hanuman Ji has also been installed nearby.

Sunderkand and Hanuman Chalisa are recited there every Saturday.

Even more grand events are organized on Hanuman Jayanti.

The wishes of the devotees definitely get fulfilled on Chak Chakwa mountain.

Even today the child form of Hanuman ji can be seen here.

I myself have also experienced this.

There are proofs of Hanuman ji being present here in child form.

The sound of ghungroos is heard in the night.

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