So Today we talk about a holy Shiva temple Hatkeshwar Mahadev Temple,

This famous temple is on Mahadev Ghat in Raipur, the capital city of Chhattisgarh.

It is a highly revered temple in Raipur.

Where is Hatkeshwar Mahadev Temple?

In Raipur, the capital of Chhattisgarh, there is a magnificent religious temple.

One of which is, Hatkeshwar Mahadev Temple.

All of all which is on the banks of the Kharun River on Patan Road, about 12 km from the headquarters of the capital Raipur.

So, To maintain its beauty, the local administration has made a lot of constructions, which people like very much. 

This temple is also famous as Mahadev Ghat due to its being on the banks of the river Kharun.   

Temple also comes under the Ram Path Gaman.

Recognition  of Hatkeshwar Mahadev Temple 

 By the way, there are many temples based on Lord Shiva in Chhattisgarh and everyone has their own different beliefs. 

But you will be surprised to hear the recognition of this temple.  

So, If the devotees believe in Mahadev, those who cannot go to Mahakal Ujjain to see Baba.

Accordingly, if these devotees pray here with sincerity in Brahma Muhurta,  all their prayers will be accepted and all of Mahadev’s prayers will be answered.  

 History of Hatkeshwar Mahadev Temple Raipur-Religious place in Chhattisgarh

 There is also the belief that Lord Hanuman came with Mahadev on his shoulder. 

So, Thanks to this legend. 

This temple is also said to have been identified when Lord Sri ram left for the forest. 

But this Shivling was set up by Lakshmana while passing through this Chhattisgarh region in exile.

It is said that Hanuman Ji later went to the institution with Shiva on his shoulder when it was too late to invite Sir Brahma.

Here, Lakshmanji was upset by the delay due to the late establishment.

The place where the institution was planned was not in the institution but in the basin of the Karun River. 



Temple Structure

 On the way to the Most Holy of the Temple, you will find many idols. 

When people go to this temple for Darshan, they go in with rice and enter the Holy of Holies to offer rice to all the idols. 

Besides fairs, there is always a small shop outside this temple where people can buy idols such as Lord Mahadeb, Prasadam, etc.

 The local government has built many large and small temples around the banks of the Karun River. 

But the most important is the temple of Hatkeshwar Mahadev. 

Although this temple looks modern from the outside,  the overall structure reveals it is a post-medieval temple. 

The samadhi of Swami Atmananda (1929-1981), the founder of Vivekananda ashram, is also at Mahadev Ghat.  

  However, The construction work of this entire temple complex was carried out by the kings of the Kalachuri dynasty. 

The Kalchuri kings built many temples in Chhattisgarh, and this is one of them.  

Above all, A stone inscription on the temple shows that King Kalachuri built it in  1402. 

The monumental writings of Bramadeva Raya in Sanskrit are still in the Mahant Ghazidas Memorial. 

The Kalchuri kings of Raipur were the first to establish a capital in the region.

 From the inscription of King Brahmdev Vikram Samvat 1458, namely. 

In 1402, Hajiraj built the temple of Hatkeshwar Mahadev here.  


Laxman Jhula by the Chhattisgarh government 

 The Chhattisgarh government built Lakshman Jhula in Mahadev Ghat to give this temple a special personality. 

As soon as you leave the temple, you can see this Lakshman Julu just a few steps away.

 However, This Jhula is the first suspension bridge in Chhattisgarh and it was built after the Lakshman Jhula on the  Ganges River in Rishikesh. 

The construction cost of  Jhoola is approximately $6 million.

 People come from afar to see this Lakshman Joola near Raipur. 

Therefore,  the number of people visiting this place is constantly increasing.

 If you drive from Patan Road to Raipur,  you will see Lakshman Jhula Mahadev Ghat on the way. 

There was also a garden on the other side, placed so that Lakshman had easy access to the garden as soon as he came down from Jula. 

 A one-kilometer-long park on the riverfront in the part of Durg district at Mahadev Ghat. 

A pedestrian track, acupressure track, and golf cart track are also there in the park.

Swings, a cafeteria for children, separate tracks for exercise and yoga practice, Kailash cave, Muktakash, waterfalls, and fountains are there. 

There are also many species of flowers and plants, which attract people. 

There is greenery all around the garden.

Monthly crowd count 

 Due to the beliefs of the Bolenath, this Mahadev temple in Mahadev Ghat is visited by many people throughout the week.

 At the same time, when the month of Sawan comes, the number of believers who visit this place increases sharply, but it is also far from here.

 People from afar come to see Ghat. 

 A fair also goes outside this temple every year in the month of Kartik. 

This two-day fair is throughout the state as the Mahadev Ghat Mela. 

People from all over Chhattisgarh come here for the two-day fair. 

So, Thousands of people gather during this fair. 

Most visitors to the fair must enter the temple to get a glimpse of Bolenath.

 At the same time, some return only after visiting the fair.  

Basically, One of the hallmarks of this temple is that the old Akhand Jyoti Dham lit here for the past 500 years. 

People also believe that just seeing this immortal light will make people’s suffering go away.

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How to reach Hatkeshwar Mahadev Temple and Mahadev GhatNaya 

By road

The Mahadev ghat Temple is easily accessible by road from  Raipur headquarters.

It is in Raipur, the capital of Chhattisgarh,  about 12 km from the Raipur headquarters. 

By rail

The closest train station to Mahadev Mandir is Raipur Train Station,  about 16 km away. 

By plane

The nearest airport to Mahadev Temple is in Raipur, about 16 km away. 

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