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Battisa temple
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Battisa temple- full of archaeological treasures

Battisa temple in Hindi literally means 32 pillared temples. Barsur is a fond destination for one who loves history and ancient sculptures. This tiny town is full of archaeological treasures. This temple is believed to be of the period of Nagvanshiya Naresh Someshwar Dev of the 11th century. The temple stands on thirty-two pillars in …

Bastar Palace
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Bastar Palace historical past sites in Jagdalpur

Bastar Palace, the residence of the royal very own family, is one of the attractions of Jagdalpur. Bastar Palace is also one of the maximum vital historical sites in Jagdalpur. This historic monument boasts charming artwork and architecture, complemented by splendid carvings and engravings on partitions and ceilings. Surrounded by well-laid gardens and housing artifacts …

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Hindi Bhavan of durg by the British

Hindi Bhavan was constructed in 1911 by the British and was named Edward Hall.  In the upper part of this building, the operation of the public reading room started from the year 1915. So, it was continuously operating till a few years ago.  After independence, this building was used for literary and cultural works, hence …

devrani-jethani temple
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Devrani-Jethani temple with Rudra Shiva’s idol

Devrani-Jethani Temple is 29 km from Bilaspur on the banks of the Maniyari River, in a village Tala/Talagaon. Talgaon is also known as Ameri Kappa.  Temple is on the confluence of the Maniyari and shivnaad rivers. The ancient culture of Chhattisgarh has been very rich. Basically, The devrani-Jethani temple was built by two queens of Sharabhapuri …

Kanker Palace
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Kanker Palace beauty of Kanker

Kanker Palace is a beautiful palace in the district of Kanker.  Kanker is a district headquarters town. Previously Kanker was a part of Bastar but in the year 1999, kanker got its identity as an independent district.  About Kanker palace Kanker district has been a popular tourist spot for it’s is scenic beauty, unique tribal …