Indravati National Park is a famous park and tourist destination of Chhattisgarh state. 

This park is the only ‘Tiger Reserve’ in Chhattisgarh.

State –Chhattisgarh

District -Dantewada

Established- 1981

Area -2799.08 Sq. Km

 Park is a national park in the Bijapur district of Chhattisgarh.

Its name is after the nearby Indravati River.

Unquie is One of the last populations of the rare wild water buffalo that lives here.

Indravati Park is the best and most popular wildlife park in Chhattisgarh.

It is one of two Project Tiger sites in Chhattisgarh along with Udanti Sitanadi.

The park is in the Dantewada area.

Indravati was designated a national park in 1981 and a tiger sanctuary in 1983 under India’s famous tiger project, making it one of the most famous tiger reserves in India. 

Vegetation of Indravati National Park

The vegetation of this national park consists mainly of tropical moist and dry deciduous types of sal, teak, and bamboo trees.  

Indravati Park has excellent types of grasslands.

 which provides the required amount of fodder to wild buffalo, chital, barking deer, nilgai, gaur, and other herbivores. 

Trees of Indravati National Park

Various types of trees are found in the garden – Teak, Lendia, Salai, Mahua, Tendu, Semal, Haldu, Ber, Jamun, etc. 


The major wildlife of Indravati  Park includes rare types of wild buffalo, antelope, tiger, leopard, nilgai, sambar, four-horned antelope, sloth bear, wild dog, striped hyena, muntjac, wild boar, flying Squirrels, porcupines, pangolins, monkeys and langurs are found among many others. 

Reptiles commonly seen in the park include freshwater crocodiles, monitor lizards, Indian chameleons, common crates, Indian pythons, cobras, and Russell vipers.

National Park is also home to a variety of birds,  the most important of which is the rescue bird. 


 How to reach Indravati National Park

 By flight

 Swami Vivekananda International Airport is nearly one.

The national park is 480 km from Raipur.  

By Rail

 90 km from Dantewada train station. 

 By road 

 480 km from Pandri Raipur Bus Station.

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