Jharalawa waterfall is on the main road from Bacheli towards Dantewada.

One of the best waterfalls of Dantewada.

Bastar is in the lap of nature.

There are many such places in Bastar where human reach is negligible.

But, one such lovely waterfall is situated in the Dantewada district which is known as Jharalawa Waterfall.

Here the waterfall is also a circular pool made in the middle of the mountains, in which the beautiful waterfall flows spreading its colors day after day.

The sound of the Jharalawa is from the bottom of the hill.

Along with this huge body of water, this white-colored stream falling from such a height with a roaring roar provides a unique experience to the tourists coming here.

Nature here has enhanced its beautiful rainbow beauty, with these beautiful colors this waterfall is the most beautiful waterfall of the entire Bastar.

One can just keep gazing at its beautiful beauty for hours and also the waterfall here fascinates the tourists who reach here, which is considered to be very special naturally. The hills here display a wonderful view of the lush green dense forest nature.

How to reach Jharalawa Waterfall

Jharalawa waterfall is on the main road from Bacheli towards Dantewada.

about 9 km from Dhurli village on the left-hand side via the unpaved road leading to Basanpur village.

While crossing the fortnightly and inaccessible road at a distance of two-wheelers, they decide.

After which, due to the mountains, it is about 6 km.

Jharalawa waterfall can be reached by walking on the mountain.

Actually, Jharalawa is a village from which it has been named Jharalawa waterfall.

here is a deserted village, Local villagers also call it Jhirka Waterfall.

So, the river flowing from it is also known as the Jharalawa River.


Its water stream flows with a fierce roar.

So, the green hills of Jharalawa village, the sweet chirping of birds, the beauty of the waterfall, and the sound of its gushing fill the body and mind with wonderful joy.

It is very difficult to reach this beautiful waterfall.


This is a unique waterfall that enhances the beauty of nature.

After coming here, when the splashes of the waterfall fall are mindblowing, all the tiredness goes away within a few moments.

The shower of the waterfall that fascinates the mind refreshes the body and mind again.

It is wisest to take a villager with you to visit Jharalawa waterfall.

as this area is highly affected by Naxal activities.


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