Jhora Ghat(churi) is a major tourist destination of Korba.

It is a picnic spot.

This site will be about 25 to 30 kilometers away from Korba city.

This is the bank of the Hasdeo river.

Coming here you will feel that you have come to Goa.

Here the sand is on the shore you can come and sit comfortably and tell a great time.

people come and cook food and drink and can spend their whole day.

The water here is not very deep, so you can enjoy bathing here.

This place is under the Government of Chhattisgarh for development.

NTPC is also contributing its effort to make this place a good one.

This place can be very beautiful in the coming times.

During summer water dries from the river.

Tourism will get a boost

Ghat is developing as a picnic spot.

At a distance of four km from here is the historical Kosgaigarh, where the Kosgai temple is visible on the top of the mountain.

Every day the visitors keep on coming to see the Goddess.

Satrenga is being developed as tourism.

The traffic of tourists has started increasing to enjoy the natural beauty.

With the construction of the bridge, the distance between tourist places will reduce for the people coming from the Bilaspur route.

Restroom is also available here.

As a picnic spot, the dustbin is also on the ghat.

Boating is also available.

Note:(Road is not proper)

Best time to visit

July to March is the best time to visit.

Opening hours

Remain open 24 hours

Distance of Jhora ghat from Korba

It is 29 km from Korba city. 

Distance of Jhora ghat from Kosgaigarh

Ghat is 4 km from Kosgaigarh. 

Distance of Jhora ghat from Kotghora

Ghat is 13 km from Kotghora.

Distance of Jhora ghat from Raipur

It is 204 km from Raipur.

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