Kamarchhath festival (Tihar) of Chhattisgarh – Kamarchhath
Kamarchhath Tihar is celebrated on Shashthi (sixth day) in Krishna Paksha of Bhado (Bhadrapada) in Chhattisgarh.

It is one of the major festivals.

Kamarchhath is also called Halchhath or Halashashthi.

History of Kamarchhath festival

These festivals (Tihar) are celebrated by women for the long life of their children.

Why is it named Halashasti?/Story of Kamarchhath festival

Balram was born on this day, this festival is also celebrated as the birthday of Balram.

Since Balarama’s weapon is the plough, Balarama’s birthday is celebrated as Halashashthi in the name of this weapon.

Plow is the main tool of the farmers, hence this festival is also known as the festival of honoring the farmers.

 On this day, women remain waterless and worship Shiva and Parvati.

Women gather together and make mud boats with two sagri (small ponds), and decorate the sagri with flowers and leaves and worship Mahadev and Parvati there.

Six stories of Halshasthi Mata are told.

Special food and method

On this day, special food is traditionally eaten in Pattal. Mahua leaves are especially used for Patti (Pattal). In ancient times, Mahua wood and ladle (cooking spoon) made of Mahua wood were used for cooking, but in the present times, due to non-availability, only Mahua leaves and spoons are used.

There are also special rules for the food prepared on this day.

The ingredients used for food should be from a place where the plow has not been plowed.

Pashar rice is cooked on this day. Buffalo milk and ghee and curd made from buffalo milk are used. Six different vegetables are mixed with munga bhaji (munga leaves).

Potni: After the completion of the puja ritual, women and children apply the water of chhuhi with a piece of cloth on the left (dairy) shoulder as a blessing six times. 

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