Kankali talab

This Kankali talab of Raipur is a miraculous place in Raipur.

where taking a dip cures skin diseases, know why it got this name.

Kankali Pond is in the heart of the city in the capital Raipur.


Kankali talab


This pond was constructed by Naga Sadhus 650 years ago.

A small temple was built in the middle of the pond and Shivalinga was established.

After this, such a miracle happened that suddenly one day a stream of water burst from the earth and the pond was filled to the brim.

For centuries till today, the temple is submerged in the middle of the pond, due to which devotees are not able to have darshan of Shivalinga.

During the excavation of this pond, skeletons were found, hence it was named Kankali Pond.

Let us introduce you to interesting information about Kankali Pond.

It is believed that taking a dip in Kankali pond cures skin-related diseases.

This may or may not happen.

It is possible that there may be some minerals present in the pond that can cure skin diseases.

However, according to doctors, medical treatment is a better option.

Due to the old belief of Kankali pond, people not only from the state but from all over the country come here to take a dip.
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History of Kankali talab

According to Brahmanpara councilor Sarita Dubey, the ancestors have said that the pond was first cleaned in 1965.

Then the people of the locality saw the stone Shivalinga for the first time.

The pond filled again.

After this, the pond was cleaned again in 1975, 1999, and again in 2013.

In this way, thousands of people from the surrounding areas had seen Shivalinga only four times till now.

At present the pond is full to the brim and only the dome of Lord Shankar’s temple is visible.

The 20 feet high temple built in the middle of this pond remains completely submerged, so it is difficult to estimate the depth of the pond, but the residents there say that the depth of the pond will be at least 30 feet.

He told that the work of beautification of the pond is going on.
Water comes from the tunnel in the pond
The elders have told that there is a tunnel inside the Kankali pond.

Through this tunnel, water reaches Maharajbandh Pond, Naraiya Pond and Budha Pond, two-three kilometers away from the pond.

A short distance away, the well of the famous Mahamaya temple is also connected to the Kankali pond.

There is a belief about this pond that if someone has itching in his body or is troubled due to skin disease, then taking a dip in the pond provides relief.

Naga Sadhus established the monastery

The descendants of the priest family, who have been worshiping at Maa Kankali temple for many generations, say that 700 years ago, Naga Sadhus had established the monastery near Azad Chowk, Brahmanpara.

He was also a great devotee of Mother Kankali.

Mother Kankali appeared in a dream to Mahant Kripal Giri Maharaj and later ordered him to build a temple at a distance.

However, The construction of the temple was completed about 650 years ago and the idol of Maa Kankali was shifted from the monastery and installed in the temple.

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