The location of Kawardha Palace is in the heart of Central India which is Chhattisgarh.

This place is with tourists for its natural heritage, panoramic landscapes, and architectural heritage.

The magnificent mansion of Chhattisgarh is at a distance of 140 kilometers from Raipur which is the capital of Chhattisgarh.

Built in the 1930s, the Kawardha Palace, Kawardha is a heritage site that is situated on Maikal Hill.

The palace now houses a world-class hotel that bears the same name as the Kawardha Palace in Kawardha, India.


Kawardha of Chhattisgarh

Catchment Area

11 acre


Constructed By

The construction of Kawardha Palace was done from 1936 to 1939 by Maharaja Dharamraj Singh.

The palace that belongs to the 20th century displays the dexterity, craftsmanship, and consummate skills of the artisans.

The exterior of this is made of pristine, stones, Italian marble pearl white in color are sprawled across the eleven acres of beautifully landscaped gardens.

The palace is in the midst of the Maikal ranges which are the magnificent architecture of the contemporary British, Italian, and Mughal.

Now the Kawardha Palace is the dwelling place of the successors of Maharaja Vishwaraj Singh.

Maharaja Yogeshwarraj gave a new identity

After Mahabali Singh, Ujiyar Singh, Tok Singh, Bahadur Singh, Roopkunwar, Gaurkunwar, Rajpal Singh, Padumnath Singh, Devkumari, Dharmaraj, Vishwaraj, when the responsibility of the palace came on Yogeshwarraj, he worked to give a new identity to the rich heritage inherited from his forefathers. 

There are about three hundred types of swords in the palace.

Apart from this, there is also a unique collection of 35 guns, many animal heads, priceless clothes, caps, sticks, gold-silver utensils, knives, and forks used in war.

Once a large part of Kawardha State was under the control of Bhonsle.

Later, when the king came to Dharmaraj Singh, he started paying attention to its maintenance.

All the wood used inside the palace is from the country of Burma.

All the marbles are Italian while some stones have been sourced from Sonbarsa village near Kawardha.

The income from the arrival of tourists is used for the treatment of Baigas.

The income generated by the tourists is used to provide medical treatment to the Baigas, a very ancient tribe living in the region.


Kawardha Palace

But even though some part of the palace is open for tourist to have a look at the grand palaces of Central India.

In the palace, you can have a look at the grandiose, elegant architecture.

It is built with Italian marble and stone.

Here you can also have a glimpse of the perfect picture of luxury through the spacious verandas, high ceilings rooms including unique furniture in it, marble staircase elaborated with balustrades.

The entrance of the palace is mind-blowing called the Hathi Darwaza.

The Palace has a Durbar Hall, which attracts upon entering.

Apart from this, the office lounge, state dining hall and a room designed to accommodate about 12 people are worth seeing.

About 10 lakh rupees are spent annually on maintenance

More About Kawardha Palace


Kawardha Palace is open to the general public by offering the best facilities. This palace provides you with the luxury of the contemporary period of the kings, the dining room here is well equipped with mouth-water delicacies and is also well stocked with a bar. For the tourist, the hotel arranges comprehensive sightseeing tours. 


The beauty of the 79-year-old palace of the princely state of Kawardha is still attracting people towards itself. Kawardha town situated on the banks of river Sakri was earlier ruled by Nagvanshi and Haihyavanshi rulers. He had built many temples and forts here.

The remains of these temples and forts can be seen here even today.


It was built by Maharaja Dharmaraj Singh in 1936-39 AD. The dome of the court of this palace spread over 11 acres has been carved with gold and silver.

Apart from the dome, its stairs, and verandahs are also very beautiful, and are very much liked by the tourists. Its entrance is named Hathi Darwaza, which is very beautiful. Kawardha is spread over a total area of 805 square miles.

After the departure of the kings and emperors, their palaces remained as part of government offices. A large part of the Kawardha Palace is also occupied by government offices, but there is still one such palace left, which is worth visiting. Apart from forts and temples, tourists can see the Maikal mountain range of Satpura Hills here. Its maximum height is 925 meters.



History of Kawardha Palace, Kawardha

The Palace of Kawardha is said to have been designed and built under Maharaja Dharamraj Singh between the period 1936 and 1939.

It now forms one of the prime Tourist Attractions in Kawardha.

Places nearby to visit

Kawardha is full of a slew of notable landmarks.

Krishna Temple

Bhoramdeo Temple

Mandawa Mahal

Madan Manjari Mahal

Sakri River

Kanha National Park

Saroda Reservoir


How to reach

Kawardha Palace, Kawardha is easily accessible from Raipur (140 kilometers from Kawardha), which is the capital of the State of Chhattisgarh.

Distance of Kawardha Palace from Bilaspur

124 kilometers from Bilaspur

Distance of Kawardha Palace from Jabalpur

240 kilometers from Jabalpur

Distance of Kawardha Palace from Nagpur

329 kilometers from Nagpur

Distance of Kawardha Palace from Kanha

The distance of National Park Kanha from Kawardha Palace is just 95 kms.

Domestic and foreign tourists who wish to visit Kanha must stay at Kawardha once.


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