Keshkal Valley, is on National Highway 30 in Kondagaon district of Chhattisgarh state.

The road connecting Bastar to other parts of India passes through the valley of Keshkal.

This valley is famous for its winding roads.

If you are planning to visit Keshkal, the gateway to Bastar, then you have come to the right place, my friend! Keshkal Ghati is home to many beautiful waterfalls that are often overlooked by visitors. In particular, Kuyemari village boasts over 10 waterfalls, including the stunning Kuyemari waterfall. These waterfalls are a must-see for anyone looking for a unique and visually appealing experience.

Distance from Kanker to Keshkal Valley

  It is about 30 kilometers from the Kanker district of Chhattisgarh to Keshkal.


Entrance of Keshkal Valley

Keshkal Valley is called the entrance of Bastar.

12 Dangerous Turns of Keshkal Valley

On entering the Keshkal one has to pass through 12 dangerous turns, it is also known as Barah Bhanwar.


Life Line Road of Bastar 

Keshkal Valley is also known as the Life Line Road of Bastar.

Beautiful scenery on the way to Keshkal Valley

On starting Keshkal, beautiful hills and green dense forests, and tall tall tree plants fascinate the mind, this Keshkal Valley is famous for its beautiful winding roads and natural beauty.

The most beautiful and famous valley of Chhattisgarh is Keshkal Ghati.

Construction of road 

In 1910, the British built a road in this Keshkal valley.

Beautiful Paintings 

Beautiful paintings of tribal arts on the walls in front of the curved turn in Keshkal Valley look quite beautiful.

Be careful while traveling to Keshkal Valley


During rains 

In this Keshkal Ghati, during rains, a stone falls down and comes onto the road, due to which all the vehicles have to stop here, which the traveler has to face more difficulty.

Night time 

Crossing this Keshakal Ghati at night is quite a struggle. It is a big problem to climb the hill for the person in the other vehicle due to the light of big vehicles in this valley and crossing the curvy turns. It is also difficult to do.

Radium layer 

While climbing this Keshkal Ghati at night, it should be noted that a layer of radium has been placed around the winding bend and a dangerous ditch in the road, so that the driver does not face any problems while driving an accident. It can be played even if it is there.

Tallinn Mata Temple and Banjarin Mata Temple

Keshkal Ghati is also known as Tallinn Valley. The temple of Tallin Mata is located in the middle of this valley and Bhangaram Mai, which is the holy place of the goddess of justice, is located some distance away. Travelers passing through the valley stop at the Tallinn Sati Maa Temple to have a darshan of the mother and take a momentary rest and leave for their destination.

Temple of Telinsati Mata and Banjarin Mata is in Starting in the Keshkal Ghati, there is a ghat on the way. There is a temple located in the ghat known as Telinsati Mata and Banjarin Mata Temple, all vehicles coming here stop for some time. They stop at the Ghat and leave from here only after having the darshan of Mata.


Gobrahi Temple

This temple is situated at a distance of about 57 kilometers from Kondagaon in Keshkal region. The area is a ‘protected monument’ by the Archaeological Survey of India Raipur circle. The black stone Shiva Linga here may date back to the 7th century.

Waterfall in Keshkal Valley

Uparbedi Waterfall

Uparbedi Falls is in the Keshkal region of the Kondagaon district in Chhattisgarh.

About 68 km from Kondagaon is on a local drain in Uparbedi village.

Two steps are of the Uprabedi waterfall, out of which the first step is about 10 feet high, and the next step is the main step, which is about 40 feet high.

Mutte Khadaka Waterfall

It is in the Keshkal area in the Kondagaon district.

About 70 kilometers from Kondagaon, it is on a drain flowing from the outskirts of a village Madgaon.

The local drain here is also after falling from about 35 feet.

There are 2 steps to this waterfall.

The second step is at a distance of about 300-400 meters from the first step of 35 feet.

Muktekhadga Waterfall, located in the Keshkal Valley, is considered to be one of the most dangerous waterfalls due to its deep pits and slippery surroundings. Although the waterfall may appear beautiful as it cascades down from a height of 70 to 80 feet, visitors must exercise caution.


The waterfall’s name, Muktekhadga, is derived from two words: “Mukte” meaning woman and “Kharge” meaning deep pit. It is located near Madegaon and is formed due to the overflow of water from the surrounding fields. However, there is no proper path leading to the waterfall, so it is important to have a guide with you to ensure a safe and enjoyable visit.

Lim Daraha Waterfall

Lim Darha Falls is also in the Keshkal region of the Kondagaon district of Chhattisgarh.

It is on the Ama Nala near Bawanimari village, about 60 km from Kondagaon.

The height of this waterfall is 20-25 feet.

It is very beautiful.

This waterfall is on the Ama Nala and is perennial.

This fall falls into a pool.

Mirade Waterfall

There is a 50-60 feet high waterfall on the Mirde drain near Kuve-Mari village, ahead of Bavanimari village, about 60 km from Kondagaon.

Mirde Waterfall is a hidden waterfall of Keshakal valley. Very few people have visited this place. To see the beauty of Mirde waterfall you will have to go down the mountain. There is no unpaved road of any kind at this place. This is the reason why only local people have been able to come to this place.

Ama Daraha Waterfall

It is Ama Darha because of its location in Ama Nala.

Basically, It is near Lim Darha.

Its depth is about 10-15 feet.

Hidden in the midst of the forest, there is a small waterfall that resembles a staircase. The beauty and magnificence of this waterfall are truly breathtaking. It is commonly known as Amadarha Falls, and it is only visible during the rainy season. The waterfall gets its name from the large mango tree that stands nearby.

 Kuvemari Falls

Kuvemari Falls is at a distance of 20 kilometers from the village of Butterly in the Tehsil Keshkal district of Kondagaon. It is on a rivulet. This waterfall looks very beautiful in the rainy season.

So,  It is about 30 kilometers from the Kanker district of Chhattisgarh to Keshkal.

In the lap of nature, Kuyemari Waterfall keeps falling from a height of about 80 to 100 feet, delighting the mind with the sounds of the gurgling sounds. Which is flowing in the middle of dense forests, forming a staircase-like shape like Tirathgarh Falls.

Kuenmari Waterfall

Kuenmari Waterfall, also known as Kodakal Waterfall, is a perennial waterfall that flows all year round. Despite its water level decreasing during the summer, its beauty remains intact. There are several waterfalls around the remote villages of Kuenmari and Kudadvahi, which flow through the midst of beautiful and dense forests. To reach this place, you must pass through the breathtaking Keshkal hills and forests, which will be a pleasant experience of a lifetime.

Kudarwahi Waterfall

Kudarwahi Waterfall, which falls from a height of 50 feet during the rainy season, is located at a distance of 40-45 kilometers from Keshkal village. Tourists who come here are suddenly fascinated by its beauty. This waterfall is similar to the Mendri Ghoomar waterfall of Bastar and is only visible during the rainy season. Before reaching the main waterfall, small steps are falling from a height of 7 to 8 feet which are quite delightful to see. Once you have crossed these small steps, you will be able to see the main waterfall.

Tatamari View Point Keshkal

Tatamari View Pint has been built to see the beautiful views of Keshakal Valley. You can see this Keshkal Ghati, which is called the gateway of Bastar, from this place. Don’t forget to capture it with your camera.

How to Reach Keshkal

Neither trains run nor any bus service is available to visit the waterfalls here. Here you can see the waterfalls in a taxi or your vehicle.

To reach the waterfall, you will find the airport in the capital Raipur. Which will lie around 155 km from here. There are no train services available to reach here.

This place can be reached only through road. One has to reach Batrali village via National Highway – 30 which is about 22 km from Keshkal. From here you will have to come to Kuenmari or another village. From where you can see all the waterfalls

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