Khallari Mata Temple is in Bhimkhoj of Mahasamund

Its ancient name is Khallavatika.

Bhimkhoj station is 46 miles away from Raipur on the Raipur-Vizianagaram line.

This place is 1 mile away, there is a three-day fair on Chaitra-Purnima.

There is a temple of Durga ji on top of the mountain.

It is that the circle of the mountain is a little more than half a mile and the travelers circumambulate the mountain.

Here in Chaitra Paksha and Kwar Paksha, the lamp of desire is lit by the devotees.

So, the whole atmosphere becomes devotional, and here a huge Bhandara is for the new days.

Where the fair is under the mountain, there is the statue of Kallari Mata, Shiv Temple, Shri Ram Janaki, Jagannath Temple, and Kali Mata.

Basically, the construction work of the new temple is going on.

There were about 120 ponds around the mountain, However, some of which are becoming extinct.


Khallarimata temple is on the hilltop forest of Khallari village about 25 km South side of Mahasamund.


Every year during Navratri the devotees throng to visit the Goddess and to participate in the annual fair(mela) scheduled on the Full Moon day of Chaitra month every year.

Khallari Mata Temple

It is a place that during the MAHABHARAT ERA, the PANDAV visited this hilltop, and the reason for this belief is the footprint of BHIM visible on this hill.

Many temples and such cities in India are to Ramayana and Mahabharata.

It is said about this temple that the marriage of Mahabali Bhima and Rakshasi Hidimba took place here.

After which the temple of Mata Khallari was built here.

Come let’s know some more special things related to this temple.

The temple of Khallari Mata where Bhima and Hidimba got married.

devotees have to cross about 850 stairs to have darshan of Mata.

It is said that during the Mahabharata period, a demon named Hidimba lived here and he also had a sister Hidimba.

On the other hand, when Mahabali Bhima once came to rest at this place, Hindiba was fascinated to see him.

But then there was a war with Hidimb Rakshasa and Bhima.

In which the demon died. After this, on the orders of Mother Kunti, Bhima married the demon Hindiba.

After this incident, this place also came to be known as Bhimkhoj.

Apart from this temple, Bhim Chulha, Bhim’s boat is also here.



On the other hand, the local people say about the temple that there is a cave near the temple in which there was a fingerprint of the mother goddess.

That’s why devotees have deep faith in the temple.

On the other hand, according to the local legends, there was the residence of Khallari Mata in this village.

Here the mother used to come in the form of a girl in the Haat Bazar in Khallari.

Meanwhile, a banjara who came to the fair got fascinated by the form of Mata and followed her and reached the hill.

So, Due to the mother got very angry and cursed Banjara and converted him into stone and she also sat there.


By Air

The nearest airport is Raipur.

By Train

The nearest railhead is Mahasamund.

By Road

The nearest bus stand is at Mahasamund.



Tip:- The temple gate remains closed from 11 am to 12 am.

One has to climb 844 steps to reach the Mata at the top of the hill.


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