Kherkatta Dam Pakhanjur

Kherkatta Dam Pakhanjur Kherkatta Reservoir Kanker, also known as Pakhanjore Reservoir, is a man-made lake about 12 km (7.5 mi) north of Pakhanjur in Chhattisgarh, India.

It was constructed by the Dandakaranya Development Authority in 1958 under Project Dandakaranya Project. Kherkatta is a Hindi word meaning “Land of Energy”.

The Kherkatta Reservoir (Kherkatta Dam) was constructed over an area of 1,300 acres with an estimated cost of Rs 0.08 crore.

The year of completion of Pakhanjur Reservoir is 1964.

The dam is an earth-filled embankment-type across the Matholi River.

The height above the lowest foundation is 20 m.

The length of the dam is 610 meters and the gross capacity of the dam is 2,955,000 million m.

Project on Kherkatta Dam

According to the report on the project submitted on July 18, 1965 page 16, irrigation canals are being built in the command area of Umerkot Dam and Pakhanjur Dam. A hundred families have been settled around the Pakhanjur dam, and they will follow ducks and fish and vegetables. A plan has been drawn up for a dairy and poultry center on the banks of the Kotri River in the Paralkot area.

Benefits of Kherkatta Dam

The Kherkatta Reservoir was in the hope of benefiting the local people with better irrigation and farming systems.

The reservoir has two major gates that release water every two years through their canals.

The artificial lake is to store water.

local water supply water supply

Water is supply to cities through aqueducts

fishing and boating

Local source wildlife – system increased water source for valley dwellers

Power Generation

control of irrigation floodwater

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