Khudiya Rani Cave Jashpur Nagar Chhattisgarh. There are many natural and religious tourist places in the Jashpur district of Chhattisgarh that attract tourists and devotees, one of them is Khudiya Rani Temple.

Van Vasni Devi Khudia Rani is enshrined in a cave in the midst of dense forests.

The lush green dense forests around, the flowing river, and the jumping monkeys create a panoramic view.

There is a waterfall also.  

Let us know in detail about Goddess Khudia Rani.



Khudia Rani is in the Bagicha block of Chhichli village of Jashpur.

To reach Chichli village from Bagicha, one has to travel about 18-20 kms.

From there, about 300-450 meters and 5 kilometers of slopes between the forests have to be traveled between natural beauty and green trees and plants, in the middle of the way you will see many shops near the temple.

No of Stairs

For this, you have to go down with the help of about 300 – 400 stairs.

After landing, you reach the cave of Goddess Khudia Rani.

Khudiya Rani Cave

After reaching Khudia Rani Temple, you will see a spectacular view.

This place is not only famous for its cave but also for its waterfall and geological features.

After reaching the Khudia Rani cave, a beautiful river gushes between the rocks, and goddess Khudia Rani is sitting there, all the rocks around the cave are wavy and curved, making it a place for tourists.

But it becomes difficult to stand between the rocks, there is also a cave from where water is flowing.

If you want to go inside this cave, then go inside with a torch.

Apart from all this, you will get to see the jumping of monkeys there.

A group of priests resides just above the left entrance of the cave, where they perform prayers and rites in the name of the devotees.

The cave is known to be the home of Goddess Shakti (Goddess Durga).

This is where priests and devotees pray for the devotees in the name of Goddess Khudia Rani.

Best time to visit 

You should not visit Khudiya Rani temple during monsoon because the path which has gone down through the hills is slope-like, and it becomes very slippery in monsoon season, so you should not come during the rainy season, you should visit Khudiya Rani cave along with the forest.

If you want to enjoy the greenery then go in the cold season. By the way, you can come in the summer season also, but in the summer, the water of the river and the waterfall reduces, except, in the rainy season, you can go in any season.

A fair was also held during Navrati.

Khudiya Rani Temple

Khudiya Rani Cave or Khudiya Rani Temple comes under Chhichli village in the Jashpur district of Chhattisgarh.

Goddess Khudia Rani is sitting in this temple for thousands of years continuously in a cave cut by the water’s edge.

At the main entrance of the cave, you will find idols of other deities like Shiva, Nandi, Maa Kali, Maa Shirangi, and Bhairav Baba.

You will be in a different world as soon as you enter the cave, do not forget to take a torch with you to go inside and see the beauty of thousands of years old rocks.

After entering the cave, you have to walk some distance after which you can reach the idol of Goddess Khudia Rani.

People believe that by coming here to worship, all wishes are fulfilled, so daily devotees go from far and wide to worship and when their wishes are fulfilled, they go to sacrifice the goat.

worshiping the goddess  

Khudia Rani is worshiped outside the cave by Archana Baiga.

According to the local people, earlier the goddess was worshiped inside the cave itself.

Once Baiga was coming out of the cave after offering bhog, then he remembers that he forget to bring lota, Baiga again enters the cave to collect lota.

And said, “From now on, worship me from outside the door.”

Saying this, the goddess hides among the mountains.

From then till today the worship of Goddess Khudia Rani is outside the cave.

Baiga offering prayers outside the Khudia Rani cave

Distance of Khudiya Rani from Jashpur

85 km

Distance of Khudiya Rani from Bagicha

30 km

How to reach Khudiya Rani 

Khudia Rani Cave is at a distance of about 135 km from the district headquarters in Jashpur.

You can go through your vehicle.

Reaching Chhichli village from Jashpur, from there you can easily reach the cave.

By Road

Nearest Bus Stand  is Bagicha Bus Stand

By Rail

Nearest Railway Station is Ranchi and Ambikapur Railway Station

By Plane

Nearest Airport is Ranchi Airport

Places To Visit Near Khudiya Rani

Kailash Gufa 

Out of all the tourist places in the Jashpur district, this is one such tourist place which reaches in large numbers.

A grand fair is here every year on Shivratri, in which people from far and wide participate.


Dangari Waterfall

This is the most beautiful waterfall in Jashpur which is in dense forests.

If you go to Jashpur, do not miss to see this natural site.

The height of this waterfall is about 100 feet and falls in three parts, from a distance it looks as if there are many waterfalls together.

Local people often come here for picnics.

Catholic Church Kunkuri 

This church is the center of faith for Christians.

The Catholic Church of Kunkuri is the second-largest church in the world.

It is also named as the Queen of Rosary.

About 10,000 people pray together in this church.

People come from far away to see it.


If you want to see a forest, temple, waterfall, and cave all together visit kudiya rani temple.

It is a good place to do meditation.

Carry your own torch and water.

So, down your head while traveling in a cave.

Be careful with monkeys, they snatch all prasad or eatable items.



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