“Kol Dahka Dance” or “Kolhai Naach” is a traditional folk dance performed by the Kol tribe in Chhattisgarh.

Kol tribe predominates in the Surguja district.
In this, men play the role of both instrumentalist and singer.

Women have a veil on their faces.

There are questions and answers in songs.

The male singers have to answer the question song sung while dancing.

At the center of one is the dance of women and the playing of drums by men.

From three to five to six drums are played with great intensity.
Men sing songs in a loud voice.

The speed of the dance is increased by giving loud roars in between.

Women dance by moving their fingers along with the movement of their feet.

Bends till the waist while dancing.

The intensity of the dance increases with the speed of the dholak.


Musical instruments of Kol Dahka Dance

Drums and cymbal instruments are used.
Laane dances in plain clothes and also sings along with her.


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