Kori Dam tourist place in Bilaspur is a popular destination that is perfect for family or friend vacations.

The comfortable weather and temperature in Bilaspur make it easy for travelers to explore the best places around the city in a short amount of time.

Kori Dam is also known as Ghongha Jalashay as the Ghongha River passes through there.

It is the evergreen dam of Bilaspur.


Kori dam is Kota village of Bilaspur Chhattisgarh .

Compared to other locations, the climatic conditions in Bilaspur allow tourists to discover more places in less time.

When you visit Dam, you can enjoy the stunning natural scenery, including animals in the forest, mountain water, and the sun.

In addition, travelers can partake in various activities like water sports and sunbathing while appreciating the natural beauty that surrounds them.

The environment is typically very clear, making it a perfect setting for outdoor activities.

 Dam is a well-liked picnic spot among the locals, offering ample open space for cooking, playing outdoor games, and taking a stroll around the area.
It’s a wonderful place to enjoy a picnic, especially during the winters when the dam looks particularly beautiful.
The dam is surrounded by stunning scenery, providing a perfect spot to sit and enjoy the natural beauty. Visitors can also play in the water and have a small picnic celebration here, making it a highly recommended location, especially for youngsters.

The best time to visit Kori Dam

As above mentioned, this is an evergreen dam.

So, you can visit throughout the year.

But During the rainy season, the water flow is too good.

Boating is also at that time.



You can easily get any hotel or room in Bilaspur city according to your budget.

A government Rest house is also available near Kori Dam.


Distance of Kori Dam from Bilaspur

40 km


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