Koshgai Dai Temple Korba is 42 km from the district headquarters.

Kosgaigarh is one of the 36 Garhs of Chhattisgarh.

There is a temple of Kosagai Devi in the fort built on a 600 feet high mountain.

Probably this is the only Devi temple where instead of a red flag but white flag symbolizes peace.

Surrounded by natural beauty, this mountain has a statue of Bhim Sen at a height of 50 feet.

There is Baba Kuti on the south end, and near it, there is a statue of Surahigai.

The stream of water is continuously flowing from the mouth of this idol in the form of a cow face.

Kosagai Devi is considered the Kuldevi of the Chhuri royal family. Kunwar Rajvardhan Singh, a member of the royal family, says that Mother Goddess is a symbol of peace. One gets peace by worshiping and worshiping them.

Mother’s temple on top of the mountain is without any dome or roof.

It is believed that the Mother Goddess does not like the roof.

the District Archaeological Department, says that the Bawanbadi fort of Kosaigarh was built by the Hayhayavanshi kings in the thirteenth century.

 Normally red flag is hoisted in Devi temples but the white flag is hoisted in every Navratra in Kosgai temple situated on top of Kosgai mountain in the district.

The goddess is considered a symbol of peace.

The lamps of wishes are being lit in the 600-foot-high mountain.

Devotees queue up in this temple of historical importance on the occasion of Vasanti Navratri.


A visible huge statue of Bhim Sen in Koshgai Dai Temple

The huge statue of Bhim Sen is visible at the first stop of climbing the mountain.

It is believed that the Pandavas spent a few days here during their exile.

This place is very complicated due to the direct descent.

Stairs have been constructed here for the convenience of the devotees.

In another scenic spot, the ancient Shivling is near Kerajhariya Kund.

Bavakuti, Latapathna, Thakur Dev Temple, etc. made by cutting stones are worth seeing.

Koshgai Dai Temple Korba | Koshgai Dai Mandir Korba Chhattisgarh

The temple of Koshgai Dai, in the lap of nature, is just a few kilometers away from Korba.

This place is in the village of Podikhoh.

This place is very important from an ancient, historical, and religious point of view.

Koshgai Dai Mandir Korba is one of the 52 Shaktipeeths. The height of the mountain is more than 200 feet.

There is a water source in the middle of this place, which never dries up and the taste of water is very sweet.

Mother is sitting in a small part of the mountain.

From where the view of nature is unique, it suddenly pulls a mountain lover towards itself.

koshgaigarh fort | Kosgaigarh Fort

This temple was built about 500 years ago, in which the roof has not been constructed.

It is believed that the temple of Mataji was to be built in just one night, due to not being completed, it was left as it was.

It is said that Mata Ji leaves here anytime and comes back for the devotees during Navratras.

Belief/Legend of Koshgai Dai Temple

It is a belief that only white cloth is offered to Mata Ji as respect, here only a white flag is hoisted.

Since white color is a symbol of peace, devotees throng here during Navratras.

This mountain of Koshgai Dai is an ancient and historical fort that has been demolished.

Which was earlier known as the fort of Koshgaigarh, now in ruins.

At that time, in the 12th century, King Baharendra of Ratanpur had hidden his treasure inside the Churari Zamindari in this fort of Koshgaigarh.

This temple of Kosgai Mata, surrounded by beautiful nature and situated on top of the hill, was built about 500 years ago.

Since then, devotees have been coming here, it is said that King Mahendra of Ratanpur had once hidden his treasure in the mountain of Kosgai Garh in Chhuri Zamindari.

But his treasure could not be found.


According to this story, a Yagya was organized by King Daksh, but Shiv Ji was not invited to this Yagya.

Mother Sati insisted that he to go to the Yagya and could not bear the insult of Shiv Ji, so she jumped into the fire pit. Gave up my life. When Lord Shiva came to know about this, he sent a group named Veer Bhadra and destroyed the Yaksha of King Daksh.

And then they started roaming around with the half-burnt body of Sati. Seeing her dispassionate form, the gods requested Lord Vishnu and Vishnu Ji cut Sati’s body into 52 pieces with his chakra.

Which fell at different places and it is said that one piece of it also fell on the mountain of Kosgaigarh.

Koshgai Dai Temple | Koshgai Dai Temple

Nearby Place In Koshgai Dai Korba

Friends, after visiting this place, you can also visit the nearest tourist places-

Buka Reservoir 

Buka Reservoir is at a distance of 46 km from here. People come from far and wide to see it during the rainy season.

Rani Jharna 

You can reach this beautiful waterfall after trekking about 3-4 kms in Rani Jharna in the middle of three mountains. distance is only 8 km from here

Devpahari Falls

Famous for tourists, this waterfall is at a distance of 37 kilometers from Mini Goa.

Bango Dam 

Satrenga picnic spot is at the other end of this dam. Which are 20 km away from here.

Kendai Water Fall 

A very beautiful waterfall is at a distance of 65 km from here.

Satrenga Picnic Spot 

So, A great place for adventure lovers and boaters


Distance of Kosgai Mata from Korba

This miraculous temple of Kosgai Mata is about 30 km from Korba district headquarters.

Distance of Kosgai Mata from Chhuri

About 40 km from Chhuri.

Distance of Kosgai Mata from Bilaspur

And about 120 km from Bilaspur district.

The best route to reach here is via Podi-Upora via Bango Dam

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