Kotebira is situated on the eastern bank of the Ib River of Sanko on the Jashpur-Jharsuguda main road.

Many attested stories of the Ramayana period are associated with


Kotebira is situated on the eastern bank of the Ib River of Sanko on the Jashpur-Jharsuguda main road.

On the other end of which there is a creation site named Kapatdwar.

At the same time, including this hill, many self-made artworks in huge stones located on the banks of River Ib prove the faith of the people themselves.

Many authentic stories of the Mahabharata and Ramayana periods are associated with this place.

Many people in the area, including Kunjlal Singh, a resident of Lavakera, who is interested in the mysterious facts here, believe that there is a need for basic facilities considering the faith of the people here.

On the other hand, if these facilities are expanded to a land area of 600 hectares, then it can be counted as a level tourism center.

The Kotebira Ebb River is located in the Jashpur district of Chhattisgarh.

The Kotebira Eb river of Jashpur is very beautiful and there is also a beautiful hill near it.

This hill looks like an incomplete dam when seen from a distance.

According to local legends, it is believed that once a god appeared here and he liked this river so much, he tried to build a dam on it in one night to enhance the beauty of this river, but this effort was not completed.

It happened and the dam remained incomplete.

A grand fair is also organized every year near the Eb River.

At this fair, you can see a wonderful glimpse of the traditions and culture of Jashpur.

Kotebira Shiva temple, this temple is built on the banks of the Ib river, it is called the door of Tapkara or Naglok, where there is a Shiva temple, there is a camp of naga snakes around, which is why it is called the door of Naag people.

A grand idol of Shankar ji is installed and now a waterfall is also formed in the river.

It is about 70 kilometers from Jaspur and about 135 meters from Raigarh.

Friends, I have enjoyed a lot in this place, and now I am sharing my experience with people.

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