Lakhni Devi Temple Ratanpur

A huge statue of Hanuman Ji is built on the topmost peak of the mountain

Maa Lakhni Devi Temple

Although Ratanpur Nagar is a city of ponds, it is also known as the city of temples.

Many miraculous and grand ancient temples are here.

Ratanpur is famous not only in Chhattisgarh but all over India by the name of Mahamaya Temple, but apart from the Mahamaya Temple.

there are many such temples here.

One of these is the temple of Maa Lakhni Devi Ji.

This temple also becomes special because it is built on top of a huge mountain.

Also, it is the highest among the mountains of Ratanpur.

A huge statue of Hanuman Ji on the top of the hill

In ancient times, to reach here, people had to make a lot of effort and had to climb up through the hills.

But currently, stairs have been built here.

Due to this reaching here has become easier than before, but climbing these 300 stairs is also not an easy task.

Now a road has been made here by cutting the mountain for four-wheelers.

Also, a huge statue of Hanuman ji has been built on the topmost peak of this mountain, which can be reached 15 to 20 km.

It can be seen from a distance through clear air.

By reaching this peak of the mountain, you can admire the entire Ratanpur city.

History of Lakhni Devi Temple Ratanpur

Ratanpur city, on the main road connecting Bilaspur district to Korba district, was once the capital of the kings of the Kalchuri dynasty.

One knows that about a thousand years ago, a king named Ratnadev had come to a village called Manipur for hunting, and while resting under a banyan tree at night, he was surprised by the meeting of Adishakti Maa Mahamaya Devi and removed his capital from Tummankhol.

In 1050 AD He established the famous Mahamaya Devi temple in Ratanpur.

Grand and artistic statues of Mahalakshmi Maiya, Mother Mahakali, and Mother Saraswati are present.


Only after this, in the year 1179 AD, the historical temple of Mahalakshmi ji was built by King Ratnadev III from Prime Minister Gangadhar Shastri on the upper peak of a mountain situated on the main road from Bilaspur to Kota.

The shape of this temple is like the Pushpak Vimana described in the Puranas, which is situated on a huge mountain.

At present stairs have been constructed here.

Goddess Lakshmi, on a steep climb of about three hundred steps, is known and worshiped by the name of Lakhnidevi in the state of Chhattisgarh.

Along with sowing Mangal Jowar, religious rituals are also performed in the Lakhni Devi temple during Navratri.

Special Worship of Lakhni Devi Temple Ratanpur

In the state of Chhattisgarh, special worship of Goddess Lakshmi is performed here every Thursday of the month of Margashirsha.

Also, devotees reach the temple in large numbers to have the darshan of Mother Goddess.

The worship performed every year in the month of Margashirsha is quite attractive and amazing.


This temple is more than 800 years old

The mountain on which Lakhni Devi temple is also has many names.

This mountain is also known by the names Lakshmidham Parvat, Shri Parvat, Varaha Parvat, and Ikbira Parvat.

This temple was built in 1179 AD under the leadership of Prime Minister Gangadhar during the reign of King Ratnadev III of the Kalchuri dynasty.

At that time, the goddess whose idol was installed in this temple was known as Stambhini Devi and Ikbira.

The shape of the temple is like the Pushpak Viman described in the Puranas

According to ancient belief, as soon as Ratandev III ascended the throne in the year 1178, the people of Ratanpur started suffering from famine and epidemics.

The treasury was also empty. Seeing the situation, Pandit Gangadhar, a learned minister of the king, talked about building Maa

Lakshmi Devi temple and that objective was also fulfilled.

As soon as the temple was built, famine and epidemic ended in the state and Ratanpur city again returned to happiness, prosperity, and prosperity.

The shape and size of this temple look like the Pushpak Vimana mentioned in the scriptures, along with this, Shriyantra is also built inside the temple.


Maa Lakhni Devi’s Saubhagya Lakshmi form

The form of Maa Lakhni Devi ji is that of Saubhagya Lakshmi ji among the eight Lakshmi goddesses.

Who is seated on an eight-petalled lotus? Worshiping Goddess Lakshmi always brings good fortune and wishes are also fulfilled.

Worshiping this form of Goddess Lakshmi brings favourability, happiness, and prosperity.

How to reach Lakhni Devi Temple Ratanpur

By Road

Lakhni Devi Temple, which comes under Bilaspur district of Chhattisgarh, is in Ratanpur City.

To come here, you can easily reach here by any means like train, bus or motor vehicle, two wheelers, four wheelers.

Lakhni Devi Temple is about 25 km from Bilaspur City.

It is situated on the Bilaspur to Kota main road in Ratanpur city.

By Rail

The nearest railway station is Bilaspur about 35 km away. Located at a distance.

By Air

The nearest air route is Bilaspur Chakarbhatha. Which is about 40 km. Is located at a distance. About 125 km from Raipur airport. Is located at a distance.



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