Lalbagh, or Lalbah Botanical Garden is a botanical garden famous for its colorful fruits and flowers in Karnataka’s capital, Bangalore. 

Hyderali, who ruled Mysore, built this park.

 There is a famous glass house here, and fruit and flower exhibitions are every year on Liberation Day and Republic Day. 

There are also fishing grounds and lakes, which are tourist attractions in Bangalore. 


Story of Lalbagh

 In 1760 Hyderali proposed the construction of this botanical garden.

However, it was completed by his son Tipu Sultan.

Hyderali decided to build this garden on the model of the Mughal gardens that had become famous during his reign.

Hyderabadi planned to build this famous botanic garden and his son increased his horticultural fortune by importing plants and trees from different countries.

Hiderali has appointed people from the horticultural-savvy community of Tila for this task.

Construction of the Lalbagh Gardens began in the 18th century and a few years later housed India’s first herbal clock and the largest collection of rare trees found on the subcontinent.

In 1874 the territory belonged to Lalbag.

But, In the year 1889, 30 acres were added to the east side.

Basically In 1891, Kempegowda had 13 acres of land with towering boulders and in 1894 another 94 acres were under the eastern boulders for a total of 188 acres.

The Crystal Palace in London was the model for the construction of the Glass House, laid the cornerstone by Prince Albert Victor on 30 November 1898.

It was later created by Lalbag’s manager, James Cameron. Lal Bagh Park has 4 entrances. Here are the details. 


 Lal Bagh tour by electric car

 Lalbag is a 240-acre (971,000 sq ftapproximately 1 km²) park in South Bangalore.

So, various flower shows and a special show on Republic Day (January 26).

However, over 1000 plant species are in the park.

There are also trees over 100 years old growing in the garden. 

 The garden features a statue of Bangalore architect Kempegowd.

Usually, several rare plants are brought from Persia, Afghanistan, and France.

Thanks to multiple irrigation systems, the gardens are tastefully decorated with lawns, flower beds, lotus ponds, and fountains.

In most countries old trees are labeled for easy identification.

Lalbagbawi is a 3,000-year-old rock on Earth and is also a popular attraction. 

 The Mughal gardens of Shire near NH4, Tumkur, Karnataka are the origins of Lalbag garden design.

Shira is 120 km from Bangalore.

This is confirmed by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) and other historical documents.

Situated south of the Deccan Plateau, Sirau Judah was technically the main “suba” (province) of the Mughal Empire prior to the British Empire. 

  Lake view from Lalbag

Lalbag is open from 6 am to 7 pm daily, year-round.

From 6:00 to 9:00 and from 18:00 to 19:00, it is free for picnics, backpackers, and those who want to take care of their health.

Students and persons with disabilities enjoy free admission all day. 

 ‘Electric Motor System’ 

 For the elderly, children, and the disabled to get around Lal Bagh, there is an ‘electric motor system’.

100/- for one round ticket, this vehicle starts near ‘Lal Bagh Hill’, in front of ‘Glass House’, passes through ‘Gulabi Van’, and ‘Kedige Van’, and stops at ‘Lal Bagh Kere Eri’.

From there it reaches the main gate of Lal Bagh through the oldest ‘Big Trees’ and from there again reaches the ‘Glass House’ and reaches the ‘Starting Ground’.

The person who comes as a ‘guide’ in this vehicle should have knowledge of Kannada, English, many other Indian languages, the history of Lal Bagh, and special plants, fruits, and flowers.

A flower show is organized every year to introduce people to different types of flowers and to create public interest in plant conservation and cultivation.

 folk fair 

 Janapad Jatre is held on the second and fourth weekends (Saturday and Sunday) of each month.

It is by the Government of Karnataka.

Folk fairs are held mainly by theater companies across Karnataka, performing folk dances, songs, and plays.

The exhibition mainly showcases Karnataka’s cultural folklore, traditional costumes, and musical instruments. Lalbag’s

Kempegowda Tower  in Lalbagh

 The geographical monuments of the formation of the Nice Peninsula in the park attract tourists.

The monument by the Indian Geodetic Office on a 3-billion-year-old rock on the  Nice peninsula at Lalbag Hill.

This is one of four statues of Kempegowda II.

It also attracts tourists.

You can see all of Bangalore from the top of this tower. 


 Lalbag movement 

 Bangalore Metropolitan Corporation (BMRCL) purchased approximately 1,135 square meters of land in the Lalbaga portion and removed trees as part of ongoing work for the Bangalore Metro Railway.

On  13 and 14 April 2009, Lalbag’s 500m wall was demolished and several eucalyptus trees were cut down.

Citizens protested immediately, and agitation continued almost every week.

Regardless of Bangalore’s green space conservation laws and public parks, there is a movement against the government taking over land and cutting down trees illegally. connection 

 Several BMTC buses connect Majestic and Shivajinagar.

All buses to Jayanagar and Banashankar pass through one of the four Lalbag gates.


Attractions in Lalbagh

The Bonsai Garden, Big Rock and Kempegowd Kaavlu Gopuram, Flower Clock, Dasavawala Udyan, and Lal Bagh are some of the other interesting places to explore inside the botanical garden.

This park has many points of interest that will engage you throughout the day.

Some of these are the flower clock installed at the entrance of the park, the carbonized remains of coniferous trees 20 million years old, the glass house, and the grand building made of fossilized glass.

It was used for imparting horticulture lessons in olden times, Lalbagh House, Lalbagh West Gate Guard Room, The Directorate Building, Lalbagh Sarovar, Museum with various artifacts.

Kempegowda Tower and Bandstand Garden also offer post-technology courses.

Built and designed in Moghul style.

The past history of this place is quite interesting.



Lalbagh Flower Show Timings

Lalbagh flower show timings are from 9 am to 6 pm.

Flower show tickets can also be booked online.

The ticket price for the Lalbagh fruit flower show is Rs.50 for adults on holidays.

And on weekdays it will be Rs.40 for one person.

The entry fee for children will be Rs.10 per person.

Lalbagh Bangalore Time

Lalbagh Bangalore’s timings are from 6 am to 7 pm.

It is open on all days of the week.

The entry fee for Lalbagh is Rs.20 per person for tourists above 12 years of age.

Visitors are allowed to take cameras inside with an additional fee of Rs.50.

There is no entry fee for morning walkers in Lalbagh Park.

Morning walk time in Lal Bagh is 6 to 9 AM and evening walk can be done from 6 to 7 PM

Travelers Tips In Lalbagh

  • There is no permission to pluck flowers in Lal Bagh. You should not remove any of them for any personal purposes.
  • Lal Bagh is an eco-sensitive zone, because of which garbage is being removed from here. Carry your waste until you find the waste bin.
  • Don’t wander yourself. Winter-following signs make it easier to navigate.
  • Visit the garden when the flowers are in bloom. You can plan your visit well in advance to enjoy your time there to the fullest.
  • It is a good idea to carry hats and shades to beat the summer heat.
  • Carry your water bottle.
  • Here vehicles are allowed through the east gate. There is ample parking area as per the demands.

Plant collection at Lalbagh, Bangalore

Lal Bagh Botanical Garden has more than 1000 different plants.

About 670 plant species and about 1850 plant species are in Lalbaug horticulture.

Lalbagh Nursery also has especially rare plants.

Gives all visitors an opportunity to explore the animals in detail.

As a 40-acre private park is now a 240-acre public park with a variety of beautiful exhibits.

It has a geometrical enclosure with four entry points.

Also, large open spaces and well roads with thousands of rare and endangered plant species.

It is a major center for the analysis, experimentation, and documentation of plant information.

The flower shows are also one of the most awe-inspiring sights and definitely worth a visit.

Best Time To Visit Lalbagh

The spring season that falls between January and February is the absolute best time.

So, Try to plan your visit around the time of the flower show.

However, Demonstrations are on two occasions. 

One is Independence Day and the other is Republic Day.

How to reach Lalbagh Bangalore

Lal Bagh’s connection is mostly to the rest of the city of Bangalore.

There are also regular buses that stop at one of the gates of Lalbagh.

The main bus station Kempegowda bus stand is only 7 km away from the garden.

Tourists can hire auto rickshaws or private taxis and reach the park without any hassle.

Lalbagh entry through all four gates.

But vehicles can enter only through the east gate on the double roadside.

It is about 4 km away from Vidhana Soudha.

State Legislature so tourists can combine both visits.

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