The Laxman Temple is an ancient and famous temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu.

The temple was built by Queen Vasata, the mother of Mahasivagupta Balarjuna in 650 AD.

Discovered by Lord Cunningham in 1872, the Laxman Temple is considered one of the finest brick temples of India with a stone doorframe.

The state of Chhattisgarh has always been known for its tribal culture.

But there are many such places in the state which are still far away from the mainstream.

One such place is Sirpur in the Mahasamund district, which was called Sripur in ancient times.

In the mythical land of Sripur, parts of many such temples are found which are believed to be many centuries old.

One of these shrines is the Laxman Temple of Sirpur.

This temple, which has faced many devastating disasters recorded in history, is the first temple made of red bricks in India.

Also a sign of love, this temple of Chhattisgarh is considered a witness to the silent love of a woman.


location of Laxman Temple 

It is in Sirpur, Chhattisgarh 

Legend Laxman Temple 

According to the legends, Queen Vasata, the mother of King Mahasivgupta Balarjuna, built the temple in memory of her husband Harshgupta in 650 AD.

According to the epigraphical data found from the debris of the mandapa, the widow of the Somavanshi king Harsha Gupta Vasata originally dedicated the temple to Lord Vishnu.

The present name of the temple originates from a small black statue of Lakshman found seated on a snake-hood within the temple.

The architecture of Laxman Temple 

Laxman temple is considered one of the finest brick temples in India.

The temple has a beautiful beautiful Sheshnaag serving as an umbrella to Lord Vishnu at the entrance.

The temple is famous for its unique Symmetry, precise construction, and exquisite carvings.

Exquisite carving work on pillars depicting religious segments like Vatayan, Chitya Gawaksha, Bharwahakgna, Aja, Kirtimukha and Kama Amalak breathe life into the exterior walls of the temple.

The brick temple stands on a high massive platform accessible by steps in the north and the south.

The plan of the temple consists of a garbagriha, antarala, and mandapa.

The mandapa now in ruins was originally upheld by stone pillars in rows.

The mandapa of the temple has eight Pillars arranged in two rows of four each.

Six of the pillars are beautifully adorned while two -the ones closest to the garbhagriha have elaborate inscriptions on them.

Culture of  Laxman Temple 

Chhattisgarh boasts of a rich cultural heritage amidst crusty cuisine, vivacious dances, great religions, melodious music, lively people, amiable languages, sparkling fairs & festivals, and marvelous arts & crafts.

Its unique approach towards dance, cuisine, and music, makes it different from others.


 06:00 AM to 06:00 PM

The best time to visit Laxman Temple 

Lakshmana temple also forms the backdrop of the famous Sirpur Music and Dance Festival which takes place every year in the month of January.  

Entry Fees of Laxman Temple 

Indian Rs. 200/- per head

Darshan Dress code

No dress code

Temple Rituals

There are no rituals right now in this temple

Additional Info about the hotel

Liladhar Hotel and Food Dhabas are available beside the temple

History and structure of the temple

The Laxman temple of Sirpur was built between 525 and 540 AD. Sirpur (Sripur) used to be ruled by Shaiva kings.

Somvanshi king Harshgupta was one of these Shaiva kings.

Harshagupta’s wife, Queen Vastadevi, belonged to the Vaishnava sect and was the daughter of the Magadha king Suryavarma.

It was only after the death of King Harshgupta that the queen built this temple in his memory.

This is the reason why the Laxman temple is also considered a symbol of the silent love of a woman along with a Hindu temple.

This temple built in Nagara style is considered to be the first such temple in India, which was constructed with red bricks.

The specialty of the Laxman temple is that in this temple, artifacts have been created by carving bricks, which are very beautiful because often such beautiful carvings are done on stone only.

The sanctum sanctorum, antarala, and mandapa are the main parts of the temple structure.

Along with this, the archway of the temple is also its main feature.

Above the pylon of the temple, there is a wonderful statue of Lord Vishnu lying on the bed.

The emergence of Brahma ji is shown from the navel of this idol and at the same time Goddess Lakshmi is sitting at the feet of Lord Vishnu.

Along with this, the Dashavataras of Lord Vishnu have been depicted in the temple.

Although this temple is considered dedicated to Lord Vishnu, here the statue of Lakshman ji sits in the sanctum sanctorum.

This idol is seated on Sheshnag with 5 hoods.

Symbol of love that withstands devastating calamities

Often we were told about the Taj Mahal of Agra as a symbol of love, but the Laxman Temple of Sirpur, a symbol of real love between a man and a woman, was always kept away from our knowledge because it was a Hindu temple.

A queen’s love for her king was so strong that she built a temple which, despite facing many calamities, is still in the same form as it was 1,500 years ago.

According to historical information, the devastating earthquake in Sirpur in the 12th century took away the entire glory of the then-Sripur.

The entire Sripur was destroyed in this earthquake but this Laxman temple remained unaffected.

After that, during the 14th-15th century, the terrible flood of Mahanadi created havoc in Sirpur.

Due to these two devastating calamities, many temples and shrines of Sirpur were destroyed but this symbol of unconditional love of a wife has been telling the story of devotion and reverence for centuries without any loss.

How to reach Laxman Temple 

The distance from Laxman Temple at Sirpur to Mahasamund district headquarters is about 38 kilometers (km).

By Air

The nearest airport is Raipur, which is at a distance of 75 km from the temple.

By Rail

Mahasamund Railway Station is the nearest railway station to the temple, at a distance of about 40 km.

The distance of the temple from Raipur Junction is about 83 km.

By road

Apart from this, Laxman Temple is on State Highway 9, through which reaches different cities of the state.


The Lakshmana Temple is the most prominent structure at Sirpur. It is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and is known for its exquisite architecture. The temple is built in the Nagara style and features intricately carved sculptures, including those of various Hindu deities.


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