Maa Marhi temple

Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar Hospital receives thousands of patients from all over the state.

Additionally, devotees and doctors visit Maa Marhi temple, situated beside the campus, every day to pay their respects.

The locals strongly believe that Marhi Mata fulfills the wishes of her devotees, be it a request for quick recovery from illness or a recommendation for promotion.

The primary offering that devotees make to Mata is sweet roti, which the Das Nagdev devotees have been preparing. 

Maa Marhi temple

The temple, according to Raj Raxel, President of Maa Marhi Mata Development Committee, has a history of 101 years, despite the trust being formed in 1995.

Two Akhand lamps burn in the temple

one near Maa Marhi and the other inside the temple at the Samadhi next to the hospital.

The stone records Samvat 1917 and there is a mausoleum of Maharaja Narhar Deoria and Queen of Kanker.

Devotees of Maa Marhi come from all communities, considering her the family goddess of the Domar community.

As soon as morning arrives, a crowd of devotees, including patients and doctors, can be found in the temple.

It is important to change the belief that sacrificing an animal will fulfill the wishes of the devotees, and as a result, the practice of sacrifice was banned in the temple 25 years ago.

The committee has received many expressions from the mother in various forms, indicating that the practice of animal sacrifice should be stopped.

Before being taken back, devotees are required to give darshan of the mother goddess to the animal being sacrificed and offer flowers to it.

The temple houses a temple of five gods, including Hanuman, Shankar Parvati’s entire family, Maa Durga, Santoshi Mata, and Sai Baba.

Lamp lighting and Bhandara are also organized in the temple, where hundreds of devotees take Prasad.

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