Madku Dweep is a beautiful island near the quiet river Shivnath in Chhattisgarh’s Bilaspur district.

The name Madku is due to the fact that the island has the shape of a frog.
The beauty of this island is to be enchanting.
The picturesque Madku Dwep covers an area of ​​about 24 hectares and is full of greenery.
The island is also famous for its ancient temples and historical and archaeological importance.
On this island, archaeologists have prehistoric stone tools, inscriptions, and coins.
A stone inscription in the 3rd century BC was also found.
One stone inscription is written in Brahmi script and the other in Shankar script.
Madku Dwep is also home to several ancient native idols of Lord Shiva, Ganesha, Shiv-Parvati, Nandi, and other deities.
There are old and new temples that are equally visited by devotees from all over the world.
Madku Dwep is common as Kedar Tirth and Harihar Kshetra Kedar Dweep.
Archaeologists have successfully excavated 19 temples at Madku Dwip.
Eighteen of these temples face east and the middle temple is the only one facing west.
The temple’s architectural style as well as its sculptures and idols are similar to those of Daekalchuri.
There are many more artifacts and artifacts on this island.

festivals in Madku Dweep

The festivals of Mahashivaratri and Hanuman Jayanti are celebrated with the greatest devotion on the island.
A seven-day mela or fair is also in the month of Paos Purnima.

How to reach Madku Dweep

By Road

Madku Dwep is 25 km from Bilaspur and about 79 km from the capital Raipur.
Travelers can reach Madku Dwep via Annikut Bridge through Sargaon village. Another route is through Baitalpur village.

By Rail

The nearest railway station is in Bilaspur 

By Plane

 the nearest airport is in Raipur.


So, Must visit Madku Dweep as it is an ancient temple.

And  it has historical and archaeological importance


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