Madwarani Mata Temple Korba

Mata Madwarani ensconced in the mountain on the banks of the Hasdev River is the center of faith of the residents of Chhattisgarh and all the devotees.

It is said that the mother always fills the lap of the mothers who come here. Maa Madaraani Mandir is enshrined in a tree named Kalmi at the end of the mountain. Many stories are currently prevalent. Those who are captivating to the mind. are the givers of peace.

If seen from the natural views, the views here suddenly pull the nature lover towards itself. Taking your vehicle over the mountains, running your eyes in the surrounding mountains, and the beautiful views of Hasdeo River, attract tourists knowingly or unknowingly.

Story of Madwarani Mata Temple Korba

Jawa starts growing on its own during Navratri in the Kalpavriksha of Mata Madwarani, and the cowherds and farmers of village Barpali, Sargabandhia located under the Madwarani mountain in different forms get darshan of Mataji and a beautiful girl by the mother, We keep getting information about traveling in the form of an elderly woman, etc.

It is said that Mother keeps on helping her devotees by coming in some form or the other. She shows the way to the forgotten people by coming in human form. She gives water to the thirsty and food to the hungry.


It is believed that after a Kalmi tree was cut down, Mother Madwarani came there with her four sisters and kept her power there, incorporating it into five stones, which are still worshiped in the form of Pindi.


There is also a popular belief that Maa Madwarani is a princess, the daughter of King Baliraj of the Gondwana kingdom.

As soon as she came of age, the king proposed to marry the princess.

Mata also agreed to the marriage, but while giving a proposal, she asked to perform the whole ceremony of her marriage in a single night.

The king happily accepted it.

Lord Vishwakarma built the pavilion.

But the marriage could not take place because the wedding procession could not come.

Mother’s turmeric can be seen even today on that stone in which it was sprinkled through the mother’s body.

Because of leaving the mandap in the middle, the mother got the name Madaraani. (Gets the pavilion erected in Chhattisgarhi)

Navratri and Jyoti Kalash Registration Madwarani Mata Temple Korba

In Pahada Wali Mata Madwarani, the Navratri takes place between Panchami and Teras.

And Chaitra Navratri runs from Ekam to Navami like all other Navratri.

To light Jyoti Kalash online in Mataji’s temple, click on this link –


How to Reach Madwarani Mata Temple Korba

Many options to reach the temple

By Air 

Nearby Airport Swami Vivekanand Airport Mana Raipur

By Train 

The nearest train is Korba – 30 km. & Champa – 35 Km.

By Road 

Nearest Bus Stand is Korba – 30 Km from Madavarani Temple and the Champa Bus Stand – 35 Km.

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