Mahamaya Mata Temple

India has always been a country of Gods and Goddesses, it is a popular belief here that whatever devotees ask for their wishes with full devotion in this temple of Mata Mahamaya, they definitely get fulfilled.

Ratanpur Mahamaya Mandir is one of the 51 Shaktipeeths in India.

Here the right shoulder of Mata Sati had fallen, due to which the crowd of devotees increased here during Chaitra and Navratri of Kunwar.

Location of Mahamaya Mata Temple

Mahamaya Temple in Ratanpur of Bilaspur district of Chhattisgarh is very important from a historical and religious point of view.

Mahamaya Mata Temple built by

It was built by King Ratnadev I in the 12-13th century.


Best To visit Mahamaya Mata Temple

Friends, although there is a steady stream of devotees here throughout the year, you will see the maximum crowd during the Navratri of Chaitra and Kunwar.

If you do not like the crowd, then you can come anytime except these two seasons, and you can peacefully imbibe the blissful views here.

Timing of Mahamaya Mata Temple

You can have darshan of Mata Ji on normal days from 6.30 am to 8.00 pm, but during Navratri, it may take time due to the heavy rush.

 How To reach Mahamaya Mata Temple

You will not face any kind of trouble to reach Ratanpur. Buses are available here every hour.


By Roadway

Located at a distance of 143 km from Raipur, the capital of Chhattisgarh.

Ratanpur is situated at a distance of 26 km from Bilaspur.

By rail

The nearest railway station to reach Ratanpur is Bilaspur Railway Station (Junction), after that you have to come from there by bus or taxi-auto.

You can reach Bilaspur by taking a direct train from Rajdhani Raipur.

By air 

For Ratanpur Mahamaya Mata Darshan you have to come to Bilsa Devi Kevat Airport Bilaspur by air. From there Ratanpur is situated at a distance of 38 kms.

Nearby tourist place in Mahamaya Mata Temple

Ratanpur Bilaspur has about 365 ponds, 780 temples, 21 thousand wells, and 7 tunnels to visit.



Bhairav Baba Temple 

As soon as you leave for Ratanpur from Bilaspur, first you will find the temple of Bhairav Baba. Which is located at a distance of 3.5 Km from Mahamaya Temple of Ratanpur. It is a belief that one should have the darshan of Bhairav Baba before the darshan of Mother Mahamaya, so that the vow asked from the mother does not go empty.

There are many small and big temples in the Bhairav Baba temple complex, and the south facing Hanuman temple is also located here. Inside the temple complex there is a very beautiful small pond in which you can feed the fishes, and there is also a small garden in front of it, behind the temple complex there are idols of Lord Hanuman, Nataraja.

bhairav baba ratanpur bilaspur

Siddhi Binayak Ganesh Mandir 

Located just a short distance from Bhairav Baba Mandir, Ganesh ji’s temple, which you must visit once, inside the temple there are idols of all Ganesh ji in India, all of them have their pictures there inside the temple premises have happened.

siddhivinayak temple ratanpur

Lakshmi Devi Temple

As soon as you come out from the temple of Siddhi Vinayak Ganesh ji, you will see a huge statue of Hanuman ji standing on the way. Which is located just 4 km away from Ratanpur. By reaching inside which you will first see the temple of Lakheshwar Mahadev.

To reach Lakhani Devi Temple, you have to climb 259 steps chanting Jai Mata Di. At the top, you will have the darshan of the peace-loving Maa Lakhni Devi Mata. From there you will get a panoramic view of the entire Ratanpur, which is unforgettable.

Lakhani Mata Ratanpur Bilaspur

Kho-Kho Baoli

Located just a short distance from the Lakhni Mata Temple is Junashahar, where is the Kho-Kho Baoli. This is a good tunnel, in which there are three routes, one of which goes to Badal Mahal, the second to Bilaspur, and the third to Shyam Talkies of Bilaspur.

kho kho bawali ratanpur bilaspur

Badal Mahal 

At present, there are stables in the palace. But it is said that the king used to keep all his queens in this palace, which has been destroyed due to lack of protection. A path emerges from the Kho-Kho Baoli tunnel here. It was a 5 story building.

Badal Mahal Ratanpur Bilaspur

Ha Moose Khan Dargah 

This dargah is situated at a distance of about 1 Km as soon as you leave from Badal Mahal. This is one of the main dargahs of Chhattisgarh. Which are situated in the middle of the hills. If you come for Ratanpur Darshan, then definitely visit here once.



20 Darawaja Wala Mandir Ratanpur Bilaspur

Twenty Door Temple is located 2 km back from Mata Mahamaya Temple. For what purpose this mysterious temple was built, it is not yet known. Wherever you look, there you will see a door. In this way, a total of 20 doors will be seen.

20 Darawaja Wala Mandir Ratanpur Bilaspur

Panchmukhi Shiva Temple 

As soon as you go backward after having the darshan of Maa Mahamaya, you will see this Panchmukhi Shiva temple. It is inside the Mahamaya temple complex. Visit the Panchmukhi Shiva temple while chanting Jai Bhole.

ThisPanchmukhi Shiva Temple – As soon as you go backward after having the darshan of Maa Mahamaya, you will see this Panchmukhi Shiva temple. It is inside the Mahamaya temple complex. Visit the Panchmukhi Shiva temple while chanting Jai Bhole.

In this temple you can tie a coconut for a wish, and you can take it out as soon as your wish is fulfilled.


Jyoti Prajwalit Room 

After having darshan of Mata Mahamayi, see the world’s largest jyot room, you will feel very happy.


 Ratanpur Fort 

As soon as you come out from Mahamaya Temple, you will come across the ancient fort. It is called Gaj Mahal and Hathi Mahal. This fort is protected by the Archaeological Department of India. Tourists from all over the country and abroad keep coming to see this fort built by the Kalchuri king. There are many sculptures made in this fort, seeing which you can be surprised.


Jagannath Temple 

There is a temple of Lord Jagannath inside the ancient fort, if you have already reached the ancient fort, then definitely visit Lord Jagannath once. These are also very famous temples.


Ramtekri Temple 

Ram Tekri Temple, built during the time of Raja Maharaja, is located on Tekri Marg, just 1 km from Ratanpur. From here you will get a panoramic view of Ratanpur city.


Girjaband Hanuman Temple 

After getting down from Ramtekari temple, you will find Girjaband Hanuman Temple, where you can see the south-facing Hanuman ji.



 Khutaghat reservoir at a distance of 7.7 km from Ratanpur, do visit there once, it is a very beautiful reservoir, where you will get a very beautiful view, if you go during the rainy season, you will get to see the overflow waterfall. . Along with this, boating is also done there.


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