Mahamaya Temple raipur


In addition to devotees, the 900-year-old Mahamaya Temple also attracts historians and archaeologists due to its rich history and architecture.

The holy site in Chattisgarh is home to several gods and goddesses, including Mahakali, Bhadrakali, Lord Shiva, Lord Hanuman, Lord Bhairav, and more.

It is undoubtedly one of the most celebrated temples in the state.

Surrounding the temple are 18-inch-thick walls and the structure is supported by 16 thick stone columns, showcasing mastery in architecture.

According to historians, King Ratnadev built the temple in the 11th century.



History of Maa Mahamaya Temple Raipur

The history of Maa Mahamaya temple dates back 1400 years.

Even today, the first flame continues to burn with the spark of stone.

Navratri, the festival of the worship of Mother Shakti, began on Sunday.

Devotees of Mata stand in long queues from morning till evening to have darshan in the goddess temples.

This year, in the 1400-year-old Maa Mahamaya temple of Raipur, the capital of Chhattisgarh, 11091 wishes have been lit.

Even today the Jyoti Kalash burns according to the ancient method.

The history of Maa Mahamaya Temple in Purani Basti is to be 1400 years old.

Therefore, the ancient tradition is still alive in this temple.

The tradition of this temple is that the main flame here is lit with the spark generated by rubbing pieces of flint stone while chanting Vedic mantras.


According to historical evidence, Haihayavanshi kings built thirty-six forts in Chhattisgarh and built temples of Maa Mahamaya at the beginning of each fort.

One of the strongholds of the Mother Goddess in Chhattisgarh is the Mahamaya Temple of Raipur, where Mother Mahamaya and Samleshwari Devi appear in the form of Mahalakshmi.

The temple was built in the shape of Gumbaz Shree Yantra

According to Temple Priest Pandit Manoj Shukla, the deity of Mother Mahamaya Devi is present at this temple in the form of Mother Mahakali.

The temple of Maa Samleshwari Devi is in front of her temple, in the form of Maa Saraswati.

Therefore, Mahakali, Maa Saraswati, and Maa Mahalakshmi, all three goddesses, are present here in visible form.


Mother is the family deity of kings

King Mordhwaj of Haihayavanshi built this temple using a special tantric method.

The temple is dedicated to Kuldevi, the mother of the kings of the Haihayavanshi dynasty.

In total, the dynasty built thirty-six temples, which are situated near the forts of the kings.

According to Pandit Shukla, any devotee who makes a genuine wish to Mother Goddess with true faith, will have their wish fulfilled.

This temple is unique in the country as it has two temples in the form of Lord Bhairav.


The impact of the stories and tales, which have been prevalent since its construction, can still be felt here.

The temple was built during the reign of the Haihayavanshi kings of Chhattisgarh.

Mother Mahamaya Devi is the family goddess of the Haihayavanshi dynasty.

It is said that she built 36 forts in Chhattisgarh wherever the kings built forts.

The temple of Shaktipeeth Maa Mahamaya Devi was also constructed there.

Legend of Maa Mahamaya temple raipur

Legend has it that once King Mordhwaj went on a state tour with his queen Kumuddhati Devi.

In the evening, the king and his army stopped on the banks of the Kharun river.

When the queen reached the river with her maids to take a bath, they saw three giant stone snakes, Phan Kadha, floating in the water.

Frightened, they returned to the camp screaming.

When King Mordhwaj learned of this, he consulted his royal astrologers, who told him that this was not a mound but an idol of a goddess.

The king took out the idol after worshiping it with full rituals.

When the idol came out of the river, people were surprised to see that it was not an ordinary idol but the idol of the eight-armed Bhagwati of Maa Mahishasurmardini standing on a lion.

This, It is also said that Mother Mahamaya herself asked the king to carry me on his shoulders to the temple and get me installed in the temple.

The king consulted with his pundits, acharyas, and astrologers.

Everyone advised that Bhagwati Maa Mahamaya should be consecrated.

Then information was received that a new temple had been constructed in the old settlement area.. but it is built for some other deity.

The king got the same temple prepared and the goddess was also installed.

Shaktipeeth Mahamaya Temple

You can feel the divine power of Shaktipeeth Mahamaya Temple as soon as you enter the temple.

Along with the rich mythological history and beliefs of the temple, the grandeur of its structure and workmanship is also unmatched. This temple of the capital also has a special place among the Shaktipeeths of the state for the practice of Tantra-Mantra.

There is a Yagya Kund in the temple courtyard.

Like other parts of the temple, this pond also has its own history.

It is believed that many years ago, at the place of this pond, lightning had fallen on the priest of the temple. But nothing happened to the priest. People consider it to be the grace of Mother Mahamaya.

The Mahamaya Temple is one of the Jagrat Devi places in India that is known for its miracles.

Numerous supernatural incidents have occurred here on special occasions, which have strengthened the faith of the devotees.

People who come to the temple have a strong belief that their prayers will be answered by the Mother.

Many devotees visit the temple every day, and they feel that the spiritual atmosphere of the place has a positive effect on them.

The atmosphere is filled with spirituality which helps people to overcome their sorrow, suffering, and stress.

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