If we speak approximately the traveler vacation spot of Chhattisgarh, then the primary call is for Mainpat. 

Basically, Mainpat has a herbal area complete with surprises with stunning valleys.

It is a hill station and small village withinside the Surguja district of Chhattisgarh, India.

Mainpat or the “Shimla/Swiss of Chhattisgarh” is a well-known traveler attraction.

It is a Tibet of the Chhattisgarh.

 It is also home to a number of Tibetan.

Mainpat is at the Vindhya Range at an altitude of 3500 ft above the ocean degree.

The length is 28 km width is almost 13 km of mainpat

The location is extraordinarily stunning surrounded with the aid of using greenery all around.

 Recently, the village has been superior infrastructure like roads & rest houses for travelers. 

Here you’ll result easily find hundreds of adventurous sports activities sports like Trekking, Zorbing Ball, Rapling, etc.

History of Mainpat Tibetan Settlement 


In 1962-63, some Tibetans migrated to India from Tibet.

the Government of India allocated them lands at numerous locations for settlement.

About 3000 acres of land changed into given to the migrated Tibetans at Mainpat place.

Initially, around 1400 Tibetans settled down at one unmarried camp.

The Tibetans selected to stay on the hill place as the warmth of the plains has been insufferable to them.

Mainpat changed into a woodland place at that time.

They cleared a few woodland lands and constructed a camp to settle down.

Now there are approximately 2300 Tibetans living in Mainpat and they were unfold seven camps now.

After settling down, they began agriculture for a residing in conjunction with making handicrafts.

You can without problems make out the Tibetan homes via way of means of seeing the colorful prayer flags.

You also can go the walk across the Tibetan camps to peer how Mainpat in Chhatisgarh has grown to be a “Mini Tibet”.

Distance of Mainpat from Ambikapur

It lies about fifty 5 kilometers (34 mi) through the manner of approach of the avenue from Ambikapur.

It is 50 km south of the divisional headquarters of Ambikapur, 

Distance of Mainpat from Korea

160 km northeast of Korba

Distance of Mainpat from Raipur

 360 km from Raipur.

Best time to visit Mainpat

You can go to Mainpat in any season, however, the splendor right here is at its height all throughout. Whenever you get time, do go to revel in the valleys of Mainpat.

Rainy season

This location gets an excessive quantity of annual rainfall. The common rain is extra in the wet season than in different regions of the district. Don`t plan your journey at some stage in the monsoon season.

Summer season

The common day temperature riches as much as 38 °C, and the most temperature can cross as much as 42 °C. Don`t plan your journey at some stage in the summertime.

Winter season

The common temperature is 15 °C. The minimal temperature may match down to 6 °C.

How to attain 

Mainpat is fifty-six KM from the district Ambikapur and approximately 365 KM from the capital Raipur. You can effortlessly go together with the assistance of your vehicle.

There is two roads.

first is the Ambikapur- Sitapur road and second is from village Darema

Nearest Railway Station 

 Ambikapur Railway Station

Nearest Airport 

 Swami Vivekananda Airport Raipur

Nearest Bus Stand 

 Ambikapur Bus Stand

Places To Visit Near Mainpat

Ulta Pani Mainpat

ulta pani
ulta pani

This is in Visarpani (5 KM in advance than Mainpat on the right aspect of the road going from Ambikapur to Mainpat) village of Mainpat vicinity in Surguja district. 

This is an area wherein the glide of water is in the direction of the peak. 

Villagers have made a canal for watering.

However, water flows upward 30 feet on its own.

People come from ways and huge to look this and maintain their minds searching on the water the wrong way up. 

This area has come to be very famous for many humans due to the fact that a previous couple of years. 

For many years, the area people used to take this area as a haunted area.

however, with the growth in the number of tourists, the perspectives of humans have changed.

however, the cause of why the glide of water is in the direction of the peak.

Many researchers got here to this area however everybody has one of a kind opinion.

Many humans trust that that is simply an optical phantasm however a few humans say that the pressure of gravity is greater right here.

Tiger Point 

This is the maximum well-known traveler vacation spot in Mainpat.

 It is thought that in advance tigers used to return back right here to drink water, as a result, this area has been named Tiger Point.

Surrounded via way of means of dense foliage.

it falls from a drop of 60 m.

To see the Tiger Point Waterfall, you need to climb down nearly a hundred and fifty steps.

People from ways and extensive come right here to peer its splendor at some point of the wet season.

It is the best vicinity for a picnic with the family.

The distance from Mainpat to Tiger Point is ready 7 km.

Be cautious at the same time as taking place this waterfall as it’s miles slippery right here.

Here the railings are made via way of means of the authorities in order that the site visitors can experience the superb views.

A hearthplace watch tower has been constructed right here to maintain a watch at the surroundings.

You can use your personal car to attain right here.

Zalzali(bouncing land)

 This is the maximum amusing and unexpected area in Mainpat, right here the floor shakes while you bounce at the floor. There is a marshy area in a small subject withinside the center of the encircling forest.

Why does the floor shake at Daldali?

Well, Daldali is honestly a lavatory. According to Wikipedia, A lavatory or bogland is a wetland that accumulates peat, a deposit of useless plant material, frequently mosses. Bogs arise when the water withinside the floor is acidic and is of low nutrients. These kinds of landmasses generally have a thick top layer however the decreased layer has watery subsoil. The top layers are generally bouncy in nature. Some quantities continue to be weaker and water generally seeps up making them dangerous. Heavy gadgets have a tendency to sink into one’s vulnerable layers. So it’s miles higher to be cautious at Daldala or Zalzala.

Jalpari Point 

 This is the maximum stunning waterfall in Mainpat which falls from the top of approximately eighty meters. It is an ought to go to in case you ever go to Mainpat. It is located withinside the midst of dense forests so every time you go, take a traveler’s manual with you.

This small waterfall is BUDHANAG, and few people say it is JALPARI POINT. But reaching this place is not that easy because you have to walk more than 2 km from Fish point to get to this place. After visiting Jalpari Point, you will be fascinated to see this waterfall; it is the most beautiful waterfall in Mainpat. It is situated amidst hills about 17 km from the village. There is a waterfall on the fish river that falls from a height of about 80 meters, creating a beautiful view.

The local tale is prevalent among the people here that earlier Mermaids (Jalpari) were seen here. That is why the name of this place has been named Jalpari. It is a better place for a picnic, due to which tourists come on many occasions and enjoy the panoramic view.

Buddha Nag

It is in Dandakachar of Mainpat.

which is a religious heritage as well as a wonderful natural water Aquarius.

Every year a fair is organized in Budha Nag.

thousands of people gather there and pray to God.

and local people of the village also do Havana on their local festive occasions.

Fish Point Waterfall

This is close to Tibetan Camp 6.

however deep forests a river flows thru and plunges from a top of eighty m.

This location is Fish Point Waterfall.

Be cautious at the same time as traveling.

The rocks may be pretty slippery.

Ghaghi waterfall

Mehta Point

Mehta Point is eight km from Mainpat.

and it’s miles from a lovely point of view located at the borders of Surjuga and Raigarh. You can get cute perspectives of the mountains and surrounding landscapes from Mehta Point.

Dhakpo Monastery

Mainpat has a tremendous Tibetan populace who’ve settled right here after coming to India from Tibet.

It has a small big Buddhist temple.

The Dhakpo Monastery is an old-fashioned monastery in Mainpat in nonviolent surroundings.

Jogimara Caves

If you’ve got an eager hobby in archeology, Jogimara Caves is the best.

Those caves are in the Surguja district itself.

The caves are from three hundred B.C with numerous proofs that mankind has been dwelling in those caves from historical times.

When you input the cave, you may see portraits of humans, animals, plants, and birds which have a pink outline.

The Jogimara caves are a number of the oldest sights on this hill station.

The cave is surrounded by a wooded area place.

you can trek a touch bit earlier than you may get there.

Parpatiya view

It is a village close to Mainpat.

It is at a distance of 30 km from there.

This region is maximum well-known for its sundown point.

the view of the solar placing from right here is actually breathtaking.

once the solar is set to set, the adjoining hills look like cubes, giving an absolute scenic view.

Dev Pravah

It is in Mainpat but every other evidently bountiful region in this hill station that nearly has everything.

 Kamleshwar that’s near Mainpat, Dev Pravah is a circulation of water that in the end flows into an eighty m waterfall.

This circulation of water looks as if a slithering snake, making its manner into the waterfall in a zig-zag manner.

This circulation of water passes through speedily and shines like a pearl, giving a completely attractive view to tourists.

The circulation of water flows hastily and makes a noisy non-stop sound in case you cross closer.

From right here, you may additionally see perspectives of the sundown, which might be very appealing.

Mahamaya Temple

The Mahamaya Temple is positioned near Mainpat in Ambikapur and it’s far one of the maximum famous Hindu Temples withinside the area. The presiding deity at this temple is Goddess Durga and this shrine is particularly embellished with ornaments, new saris, etc, specifically all through festivals. This is a far respected temple for each local in addition to tourists. The structure of the temple is pretty easy and it the region affords a peaceful surrounding for whoever is visiting. There are a variety of massive banyan bushes withinside the temple area that offer color for humans visiting; one may even take a seat down and meditate below the tree and sense peace.

Apple Garden

Well known for its juicy apples and beautiful apple gardens in Himachal Pradesh, now It is the first apple orchard in Chhattisgarh, one can get red and green apples.

The climate here is very similar to that of Himachal Pradesh, both green and red apples will be produced according to agricultural scientists,

During the visit to Mainpat, the Vice President of Indira Gandhi Agricultural University told the climate here that it is favorable for cultivating fruits.

Three years ago, apple seeds brought from Himachal Pradesh were planted by Indira Gandhi Agricultural University scientists on 3 acres of land of village Barima and Kesara.

After getting the successful product, the farmers of Mainpat are also being encouraged by the scientists to cultivate fruits.

Production of other fruits, including apples, has also started in Mainpat.

Along with apple seeds from Himachal Pradesh, the seeds of different fruits were also brought from Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana, including grapes, potato batata, pineapple, and pear.

After successful training, all fruits, including grapes and pears, are cultivated.

In the coming days, the markets of Surguja will soon get red and green apples produced by the farmers of Mainpat, which will be available at a much lower rate.

Farmers can earn more income due to less cold seed.

The farmers of Mainpat can get more revenue by planting apple crops.

 the arrival of apple crops from Mainpat, apple crops can be found in the market at a lower rate due to the low transportation cost.

Mercury Falls

Mercury Falls is a fairly untouched fall nestled withinside the hills of Mainpat, they’re a touch hard to attain without the right pathway.

They are best if you want to explore uncharted territories.

The Mercury Falls is stated to be the tallest waterfall in Mainpat with a peak of over four hundred feet.

the water flow glides over eight steps to shape this splendid cascade.


 Daroga Jharna

This is some other offbeat area this is but exposed to tourists, are 6 kilometers from the Mainpat bus stand.

The area has an abundance of water and gives a plethora and tranquil places far from the extra mainstream vacation spots.

Bhutahi Jalprapat

The Bhutahi Jalprapat is 6 kilometers from the Mainpat.

The flowing flow appears as white as a pearl and acts with such sheer pressure that it produces a noisy horrifying sound.

This function sound is likewise the motive at the back of the call of the area Bhutahi Jharna

Thinthini Patthar

It is near the Darima Airport.

It is a unique rock.

This stone is a wonderful and charismatic stone.

A pleasant sound comes from the rock if you play the rock.

Local people have their religious views on the rock.

As soon as you play with this rock, You feel that the quantity of iron ore in this stone is high .

That is why a sweet sound comes out of this stone.

Patal tod kuan or Hull break well

It is a small place.

But must visit this place.




Accommodation in Mainpat

 Mainpat has also a number of lodging alternatives for each pocket with an excellent quantity of financial hotels.

There is a central authority relaxation residence known as Shaila at Mainpat, it does require a strengthen reserving and scheduling.

There is likewise an expansive inn known as Mercury Resort, it’s also the maximum famous lodging in Mainpat.

The inn has a number of sports like zorbing, trekking, and rappelling for its visitors. 

There are some Tibetan restaurants withinside the marketplace place from wherein you may consume momos, thukpas, and different Tibetan food.

Mainpat Resort

Shila Tourist Resort Mainpat

Tiger Fall Resort ‘MAINPAT’

Mainpat Hotel


Apart from Chhattisgarh, tourists from neighboring states like Odisha, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh come here for huge holiday.



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