Major Awards and Honors of Chhattisgarh


Major Awards and Honors of Chhattisgarh

Praveerchandra Bhanjdev Samman Sports (Archery)

Minimata Samman by Sports and Youth Welfare Department

Women Upliftment, Women and Child Development by Chandulal Chandrakar Memorial Journalism (Print Media)

Chandulal Chandrakar Memorial by Public Relations Department (Electronic Media) Journalism (Electronic Media),

Madhukher Memorial Journalism Award by Public Relations Department Journalism ( Print English Media),

Public Relations Department Pandit Madhav Rao Sapre National Creativity Award Haji Hasan Ali Award for excellence in Hindi writing

Raja Chakradhar Singh Award for the development of Urdu language Music and Art

Department of Culture Shaheed Veeranarayan Singh Award for tribal upliftment and social and economic development

Tribal Welfare Department Martyr Gundadhur Samman is given in the field of sports.

Ramchandra Deshmukh Majority Samman is given in memory of Dau Ramchandra Deshmukh for his significant contribution in the field of art, literature, and culture.

Chhattisgarh Olympic Association

Vision of COA

“To arrange, and organize different tournaments in a systematic way and coordinate between different sports organizations & the government.

The focus is to work under the guidance of the Indian Olympic Association in developing a healthy & sporting Chhattisgarh & to create a roadmap for the sports fraternity in order to accomplish their objectives and a sports culture in the state of Chhattisgarh.“

Mission COA

Seek to provide opportunities for the youth of Chhattisgarh to participate & excel in sports activities.

Seek to felicitate the sports icons of the State for their outstanding performance.

Try to develop sports academics with the coordination of the State Government & other allied agencies.

Try to promote & provide better facilities & opportunities for performance enhancement of sports persons.

Organize the sports events in the best possible manner.

To identify hidden talents & try to provide them with a better platform for performance enhancement

Major Sports Awards of Chhattisgarh State

Shahid Rajeev Pandey

Shahid Kaushal Yadav

Maharaja Praveerchand Bhanjdev

Gundadhur Samman

Khel Vibhooti Samman

Shahid Pankaj Vikram

Veer Hanuman Kaushal Singh



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