Makarbhanja Falls

It is that the highest waterfall in Chhattisgarh is Makarbhanja whose height is 450 feet.

Till now Tirathgarh waterfall is the highest waterfall in Chhattisgarh.

but recently a new waterfall in Jashpur can set a record as the highest waterfall in the state.

The district administration has now a plan to beautify this waterfall.

It may be known that the status of the highest waterfall in the state has been given to Tirathgarh of Bastar.

But this 300 feet high waterfall is falling in many steps.

According to the information, the height of Makarbhanja of Jashpur can be more than Tirathgarh.

Actually, the height of Tirathgarh waterfall is about 300 feet.

But the height of the recent Makarbhanja waterfall in Jashpur is to be more than 450 feet.

This waterfall is falling in just two steps.

Makarbhanja Falls

 This waterfall is in the middle of the forest.

Due to falling from a great height, the view of this waterfall looks quite picturesque.

Now the district administration has started a campaign to bring this waterfall onto the tourism map.

District Collector told that it is being considered to increase the road and many other facilities to reach this inaccessible waterfall easily and conveniently.

If a road is made to reach this waterfall, then this waterfall will attract tourists not only in the state but also at the national and international levels.



about two kilometers away from Mahanai, at the end of the Jashpur district, adjacent to the border of the Balrampur district.


To reach Makarbhanja Falls, one can walk for two kilometers and walk along the paths adjacent to several feet deep ditch.

After knowing about this waterfall, many tourists are also coming to see it.

but due to the dangerous roads, most people are not able to reach the waterfall.

The path is too slippery.

So, wear comfortable footwear.

The local guide is available.

Distance of Makarbhanja Falls from Ambikapur

Almost 130 km

Distance of Makarbhanja Falls from Balarampur

80 km

Distance of Makarbhanja Falls from Shankarghar

23 km


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