Malajkundalam Waterfalls

This waterfall is 17 km southwest of the Kanker district headquarters.

It is on the Dudhnadi at a distance of.

Here the water stream falling down from a pool on the hill creates a supernatural scene.

Clearwater gives the feel of a milky stream while falling down.

The plateau region of Bastar produces many natural waterfalls.

Today there are many waterfalls in Bastar which are very beautiful and charming.

There are many waterfalls where it is very difficult to reach and there are many waterfalls where it is very easy to reach, but due to lack of proper publicity, they are lost somewhere in the darkness of obscurity.

One such very beautiful and high waterfall is the Malajkundum waterfall of the Kanker district.

It is very easy to go here, but due to a lack of information, tourists are not able to see its beauty.



Malajkundalam Waterfalls

From the rear side of the citadel of Kanker city, a metalled road leads to the left side, leaving the main road.

There is a very small village called Malajkudum, 20 kilometers ahead on this road.

Near this village, there is a very high waterfall divided into many parts on the hill. In fact, this waterfall is the origin of the Dudh river which flows through the center of Kanker town.

Concrete stairs are built on the nearby hill to go to the top of the waterfall.

On reaching the top of the waterfall, the Dudh river, ripping through two mountains, falls straight down 60 feet.

The waterfall falls down into three parts.

In which the upper part is 60 feet, the middle one is 30 feet and the last one is about 20 feet high.

The flow of the river above the waterfall is very fast.

Ideal picnic spot Malajkundalam Waterfalls

When viewed from the top of the waterfall, a breathtaking view of the lush green mountain ranges is seen all around.

Away from the noise of the city, peace spread all around, beautiful natural scenery with greenery, and melodious music of innumerable streams falling in the waterfall gives immense peace to the mind.

Malajkudum Falls is an ideal destination for trekking enthusiasts.

The joy of descending along with the cascading currents in the waterfall is something else.

A swing has been made on the river below the waterfall.

In which enthusiastic and courageous young men and women try to cross the raging river by hanging on iron ropes.

A clear glimpse of the mixed culture of Chhattisgarh and Bastar is nearby Malajkudum township.

Due to the spiral valley and dense forests, the journey from Garhpichwadi to the waterfall was very thrilling.

The beauty of this waterfall covers just two to three hours.

Precaution in Malajkundalam Waterfalls

It is very important to be careful while taking.

The slippery rocks of the waterfall cause accidents.

Best time to visit Malanjkudum Waterfall

This waterfall is 15 kilometers away from Kanker, which you can reach by private vehicle, visit this waterfall during monsoon season.

How to visit Malanjkudum Waterfall

By Rail

The name of the nearest railway station to the tourist destination is Raipur and the distance from the station is 142 kms.

By Plane

The nearest Airport  is Swami Vivekananda Airport Raipur

By Road

The nearest Bus Stand is Kanker Bus Stand

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