Mandira Dam is the most famous tourist destination in Rourkela. 

The dam was built between 1957 and 1959 by the Hirakud Project Authority. 

The place is very beautiful. 

Here, the Shanha River flows in a narrow gorge. 

The surrounding mountains also add to the beauty of the place. 

The purpose of the dam’s construction was to supply water to the steel mill in Rourkela. 

This steel mill is located near a dam, which was once used to supply and store water for factories. 

About Mandira Dam

The earth dam is an embankment of 426.72 m in length with a gate-controller spillway on the right saddle.

The maximum height of the earth dam is 35.38 m from the deepest foundation level.

The dam is exclusively meant to store water for supply to the Rourkela Steel Plant (RSP) located about 24 km downstream in the river course.

A regulated water supply of 100 cusecs is being released through an outlet sluice of 8′ X 8′.

A weir is across the river Brahmani near Rourkela and water is out from the pond to the plant area.

The total length of its spillway is 243.14m with 11 nos. of radial gates of size 15.5 x 6.1m each.

This place is around 3 kilometers from SH – 10 junctions near Laing chowk and approximately 35 kms from Rourkela and 19 km from Vedavyash Chowk, 6 km from Rajgangpur (Ranibandh) chowk on SH.

The dam has been built at a point where the river enters a gorge flanked by hills and presents a picturesque sight.

The entire dam site is managed, operated, and maintained by the Water Supply Department of Rourkela Steel Plant with CISF Security.

A beautiful garden on the dam site is another attraction for visitors.

The thing to do in Mandira Dam

There is also a large reservoir for fishing. 

You can also enjoy fishing here.

You can also take a boat ride on the reservoir if you wish. 


How to Reach Mandira Dam

By Air

The Ranchi is the nearest Airport.

By Train

the nearest railway station is in Kansbahal.

Rourkela is the closest junction station. 

By Road

One can reach Mandira Dam by road from Rourkela.

Rourkela is 26 km from the dam.

Now, you can take Kansbahal and Rourkela by two-wheeler, private cars, taxis, auto rickshaws, and irregular bus service.

How to visit 

The visitors have to take the necessary permission from Rourkela Steel Plant, Public Relations Office.


A guest house for VIP visitors is available. 

It is run by the Water Supply Department, Rourkela Steel Plant. 

A circular road connects the Guest Houses at a considerable height with the main entrance where an officer permits the visitor to enter the Dam area. 

As a visitor stands on the terrace of the Guest House or moves a chain of Hills at a distance varying from 15km to 30 km. 

The cement factory at Rajgangpur is visible on the left horizon, as one stands facing the reservoir. 

The greenery environment is highly refreshing. 

However, It is a perfect place for holidays.


A large dam with a comprehensive green cover. 

It takes everyone’s attention so to keep the place in perfect condition. 

Visitors must be able to walk only. 

A ban on picnics in the surrounding area will help preserve its beauty for a long time.

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