Manjhwar Tribe in Chhattisgarh


Manjhwar Tribe Found in

Their main residential areas are in Surguja, Balrampur, Korba, and Raigarh districts.

manjwar tribe
manjwar tribe

Origin of Manjhwar Tribe

Manjhwar is a minority tribe in Chhattisgarh.

Usually, their population was as 55320 in Chhattisgarh.

Among them, there were 27613 males and 27707 females.

Their main residential areas are Surguja, Balrampur, Korba, and Raigarh districts.

There is no historical record regarding the origin of the Manjhwar tribe.

In the reference book, they have been described as a mixed group of people headed by the Gond, Munda, and Kanwar tribes.

Those who used to sit in the middle in the traditional caste panchayat, hence called Majhwar.

Their origin is to be with the Majhi tribe.

Over time, both are separate tribes with separate existences as separate tribes.

Most of the characteristics are present in the Kolarian tribe group.

The lifestyle of the Manjhwar Tribe

Living of Manjhwar tribe generally resides in the remote Vananchal villages along with Gond, Kanwar, Oraon, etc.

Their houses are of mud.

Thatches are of grass thatch or country tiles.

Usually, two to three rooms are in the house.

There is a “parchi” (verandah) outside the room.

The wall is painted with white clay.

The floor of the house is of mud, which is with cow dung mud.

Cots, millstones, pestles, clothes for covering and laying, utensils for cooking and eating food, axe, agricultural equipment, fishing net, etc. are household items.


Majhwar tribes are mainly with farming and raising livestock is their second occupation.

They have their own tribal deities.

The customs of the Majhwar tribes are quite similar to other tribal customs.


Festivals form an integral part of the culture of the Majhwar tribes.

Karam, also known as Karma, is the festival, which a large section of the Majhi tribes celebrate with lots of enthusiasm and festivity.

It is usually in the month of Bhadra.

They are to be the sub-group of the Gond community.

Certain rituals are with the festivals that are celebrated by this tribe.

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