Manka Dai temple idol
Manka Dai temple idol

Manka Dai temple is just 5km from Janjgir-Champa. 

Temple where every wish is fulfilled.

Manka Dai temple is near a pond.  

 Navratri festival, Navratri is celebrated in the Mankadai temple in Madanpurgarh. 

Devotees are reaching here to see the mother. 

Manka dai Maa is being worshiped according to the rules and regulations. 

Manka dai temple


The devotee does not leave empty-handed from the court of Mother Manaka Dai, who fulfills all wishes. 

Devotees of the city including the region are also busy in worshiping the Mother.

Because of fulfilling everyone’s wishes, she is Manka Dai. 

Devotees tie coconuts to get their wishes true.

A big statue of hanuman ji is also there. 

Mother’s glory is unique. 

Manka Dai was established after the Ratanpur royal family conquered the Sambalpur state. 

Due to the drain and trees and plants, the movement of people was less. 

That’s why not everyone knew about it. 



Legend has it that in 1963-64 Baba Harinath of Haryana appeared in a dream in Kolkata by Manka Dai. 

At that time he used to worship in Dakshina Kali temple. 

Manka Dai told him about Madanpurgarh and informed him about the statue being near the drain. 

Then Baba Harinath reached there and started living in a hut. 

One day a cowherd was watering the cattle when he saw the idol and informed Baba about it. 

Baba Harinath installed the idol under a tamarind tree and started worshiping it. 

It is a belief that every wish with a true heart is getting true. 

Puja and Aarti

Manokamna Jyoti Kalash is lightening here on both the Navratris of the year.

Special worship is on Panchami, Saptami, and Ashtami.

In the night, there is a singing of Mother’s Service Jasgeet.

On normal days, there is worship and aarti in the morning and evening.

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