Major mountains sites of Chhattisgarh

A picturesque state with dense forests, beautiful mountains, streams, waterfalls, natural caves, and parks.

Chhattisgarh attracts numerous tourists, both domestic as well as international throughout the year.

The Mountains and Peaks in Chhattisgarh are among the most important Tourist Attractions in Chhattisgarh and are a major draw for tourists in the state.  

 But in central India, right in the heart of the country, Chhattisgarh is blessed with a rich cultural heritage and enchanting natural diversity.

Mountains and Peaks in Chhattisgarh

The Mountains and Peaks in Chhattisgarh, are like most other tourist attractions in the state.

But are largely untouched and unexplored and hence offer a unique and pleasant experience to visitors compared to the much-visited destinations in the country which have become overcrowded. 

  Bastar, popularly called the `Kashmir of Chhattisgarh’ and its neighboring district Dantewada has a large concentration of Mountains and Peaks in Chhattisgarh.

So, Dantewada is a long chain of forested hills with dense green jaal and teak forests.

A visit to Chhattisgarh consists of a trip to the mountains and peaks of Chhattisgarh. 

 Among the mountains and peaks of Chhattisgarh, Baila Deela, and Dantevada stand out.

Kailash Nagar, Dantewada; Akash Nagar, Dantewada; Mount Gadia, Kanker. 

 Chhattisgarh’s Baila Deela mountain range is world-renowned for its huge iron ore deposits of excellent quality.

In this range are several mountains and peaks of Chhattisgarh which in many places look like bull humps.

It was named “Baila Dila” which means “bull’s hump” in the local dialect.

Chhattisgarh’s Mount Ghadiya rose to prominence in the  Kandra dynasty when the Kandra ruler Dharma Dev conquered the Kanker region.

Dharma Dev declared Mount Gadhiya, the natural form of the fort, as his capital.

At the top of Mount Gadia, there is a water tank that is filled with water all year round.

Also among Chhattisgarh’s mountains and peaks, the hilltop settlements of Aakash Nagar and Kailash Nagar are worth visiting.

There are 984 named in Chhattisgarh. Tulasi Dongar is the highest point. The most prominent mountain is Doli Gutta

geography of Chhattisgarh

  Major Mountains of Chhattisgarh

Gourlata-Mountains of Chhattisgarh

altitude -(1225 m) 

Location -Samaripat, Balrampur


Gourlata is at an altitude of 1225 meters.

Gourlata is the highest peak in Chhattisgarh.

Mainpat is situated at an altitude of 1152 m.

Now the Forest Department is preparing an action plan to develop this site.

Apart from Gourlata, the Forest Department has also ensured the identification of other tourist places located in the forest areas of the Balrampur district.

 Nandiraj-Mountains of Chhattisgarh

altitude (1210 m) 

Location Bailadila, Dantewada

Badargarh-Mountains of Chhattisgarh

altitude (1176 m)

Location Maikal range


altitude (1152 m) 

Location Surguja

 Hills of Abujhmad

altitude(1076 m)

Location Narayanpur

Peak of Palama

altitude (1080m) 

Location Maikal Range (Bilaspur)

Lafa hill

altitude (1048 m) 

Location Korba

 Jarang Pat

altitude (1045 m) 

Location Surguja

 Hill of Deogarh

altitude(1033 m)

Location Korea

 Hill of Chagbhakhar

Location Korea

 Dhari Dongar (Shisupal)

altitude (899m)

Location Mahasamund

 Pendra Lormi

altitude (800 m)

Location Bilaspur

 Dalha mountain

Location Akaltara

 Hill of Dongargarh

Location Dongargarh, Rajnandgaon


Location  Balod

Churi Matiringa Hill of Udaipur

Location Surguja

 Jashpur Pat

Location Jashpur

 Hill of Ramgarh

Location  Surguja

 Kaimur mountain

Location  Korea

 Sihawa mountain

Location Dhamtari


Location Bhanupratappur

Gadia hill 

Location Kanker

Kuljhari hill 

Location Rajnandgaon

Bhatrinwagarh Nariyar water

Location Gariaband.

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