Musical instruments of Chhattisgarh


Musical instrument

These songs would be sung with handmade instruments including the tambura, kingra baja, sarangi or sarangi, bana, khanjar or dhaf, dhafli.

However, following 1980, a new phase of the singing of folk stories like Pandwani, Bharthari, and Chandaloric began forming new troupes of instrumental collections.

In these circles, musical instruments such as benzo, harmonium, tabla, flute, and dholak increased.

Traditional instruments like dhapra, nishan, nagara, tudburi, mohri-shehnai, and Mandar are in circulation all over Chhattisgarh. Areas like Bastar, Surguja, and Raigarh are also popular in plain or plain Chhattisgarh.


more popular Musical instruments of Chhattisgarh

Bamboo-Musical instruments of Chhattisgarh

Bamboo is a melodious instrument.

Mainly by the Ahirs.

It is a form of flute in which there is no thread to produce sound, the bamboo is blown in such a way that only sound can be produced from it.

Bamboo is the accompaniment to the bamboo song sung by the Ahirs.

This is another type of flute that does not have sound-producing threads, and the bamboo is sung in such a way that only one sound can be extracted.

Its length is maintained to consist of three bundles of bamboo.

The tools are evenly polished by putting a blood-filled iron ball into the bamboo and continuously burning it from the inside.

By repeating this action, the bamboo is polished evenly from the inside out.

The bamboo instrument consists of five holes to create its various tones.

 Dholak-Musical instruments of Chhattisgarh

It is a major rhythm instrument.

It is used throughout North and Central India.

This cylindrical instrument is played by all men and women.

It is played by hanging it around the neck or keeping it on the ground.

The dholak is mostly played by hand.

It is made from mango, bija, Sheesham, teak, or neem wood.

The instrument includes a layer of goat`s skin which is tightened by a series of cords on either face.

Tonal variety is achieved from a series of rings in the strings and can be adjusted by tightening these cords with a rope of leather or cotton.

The wooden shell is covered with leather on both sides, on one side there is a thin housing and on the other side there is a thick sound, on the thick sound side there is a khakan, it is used for Bhajan, Jasgeet, Pandwani, Bharthari, Phag, etc.


Drum-Musical instruments of Chhattisgarh

Its shell is of wood. Goat’s skin is put on it and thin iron rings are fixed on it.

Which is called chutka.

It is tightened by pulling it with a leather or cotton rope.

They are specially used in Phag and Shaila dances.

Dholakia-Musical instruments of Chhattisgarh

In tribal areas, it is played by Yamar or Dholakia people on the occasion of festivals, in Chhattisgarh it is specially used in Phag songs. The pairs are different in drums. In which one voice is thin (tin) and the voice of the other is thick (gadd). Which are played by beating with wooden sticks. Which is called Bathena. The bottom of it is made of baked clay.

Bassoon-Musical instruments of Chhattisgarh

A flute made of bamboo with three or four holes is called algoza or murli, algozas are usually two, which are played by pressing them together in the mouth. Both complement each other. Animals are played while grazing or on the occasion of fairs.

 The bamboo bath is a flute-like instrument. Playing with bamboo while singing bamboo songs. Mainly played by the Ahir community.  

Khanjri or Khanjheri-Musical instruments of Chhattisgarh

If there are three or four pairs of cymbals in the circle of the drum, then it takes the form of a drum or a dagger, which is played like a chang with the help of the hand.

 Chang or Duff-Musical instruments of Chhattisgarh

Four fingers wide circular instrument mounted on a wooden circle is sixteen to twenty fingers in diameter, which is played with the strings of the hand, its small form is called Dafli, and the big form is called.

 The Dafli or Khanjari is a 2.5-inch wide wooden bathtub covered in leather on one side of the circumference.

The other side is open.

It is played by holding it with one hand and tapping it with the other hand. 

Tasha-Musical instruments of Chhattisgarh

There is a shape like a baked clay bowl (parai), covered with goatskin, which is played with a thin bamboo stick, it is used in Chhattisgarh to accompany the drums while singing Phag songs.

 A small bowl-shaped earthenware vessel.


A layer of skin is placed over it. and tied with a rope.

It is played with two small wooden sticks to produce sound.

It is mainly used for Gudum Baja, Faag songs, and drums.

 Flute-Musical instruments of Chhattisgarh

This is a very popular instrument, it is pole. Which is mainly played by people of Rawat caste in Chhattisgarh, it is also used in Pandwani, Bharthari.

 It is a very popular Chhattisgarh instrument and is mainly played by  Yadav (Rawat) caste people. It is made of bamboo and the flute is used in almost all  folk songs in Chhattisgarh.  It has eight holes. It is controlled based on  tone with the fingers of the hand. He exhales air from his mouth and leaves. 

 Kartal, Khadtal or Kathtal

11 (eleven) finger long round sticks made of wood are called Kartal, which has two pieces, both pieces are played by holding loosely in the hand, it is mainly used in Tamura, Bhajan, Pandwani singing.

 It is a traditional musical instrument of Chhattisgarh.

But mainly used by singers or singers in Pandwani and Bhartari songs.

It is made of wood.

It is 11 fingers long and consists of two parts.

And inside it is a little piece of metal that you hold and play with your fingers. 



Cymbals are often made of iron, two round pieces of iron with a hole in the middle, on which a rope or cloth is applied to hold the rope or cloth in hand. Both pieces are played by holding each piece in one hand.


The small form of the cymbal is called manjira. Manjira is made of a round piece of metal, it is used in singing hymns, Jasgeet, Phag Geet, etc.

 The manjira is an important traditional musical instrument, a small form of cymbal.

Its sound is thinner than that of cymbals.

It is used in bhajans, fag git, jasgit. 


It is made of bamboo pieces like a flute. There are six holes in it. A brass bowl is attached at its end. And it is played with the help of palm leaves. It is mainly used with Gandwa Baja.


It is like Chang. The circular diameter of the wood is covered with leather and a hole is made at one end of the wood, on which the violinist hangs it on his shoulder by tying a rope, which is played with the help of a batena, which is thin and the other batena is thick.

 Nishan or Gudum or Sing Baja

This is the main instrument of Gadwa Baja Saaj.

Leather is applied in the shape of iron embroidery.

The leather is thick and the leather is tightened by pulling it with a rope.

The iron vessel has a hole at the end, on which egg oil is poured and the hole is closed with a cloth.

Khakhan and chit are applied in the upper part.

A drum is made of pieces of tire, which is played by beating it.

The person who plays it is called Nishanha.

The horn of a twelve-horned animal is also attached to the Gudum or Nishan, thus in tribal areas, it is called Sing Baja.


Gudum Baja has a special place in Chhattisgarh and is played to bring auspicious action or happiness.

The Gudum Baha is shaped like an iron frying pan with a leather top.

The skin layer is bound with leather cords and the top edge of the skin is covered with a layer of coal tar.

And at the bottom of the iron container, there is a hole for pouring egg oil. 

 To play it, make a thick tub out of tires. This causes it to play to the beat. The player playing it is named Nishanha. In tribal areas,  it is also called Sing Baha because of the deer antlers attached to its sides. 





 Mandar is an instrument played in all districts of Chhattisgarh and it is in many dances like karma dance, ho dance, panti dance, jasgeet, dewar songs, etc.

The performer is  Mandaraha. 

 The mandar is a traditional musical instrument of Chhattisgarh of a 3-foot-long piece of clay and a 1-foot-long round shell.

One side is 12 inches round and the other side is 6 inches round and cover in leather.

And tighten it with a leather strap.

his voice is sweet drum – 

It has a small iron link on it.

Then use a leather or cotton strap to tighten the leather.

play by hand. 



 Mori is a wind instrument similar to Sahanai.

Its shape resembles a six-stringed flute.

And at the end is a copper bowl like a bowl for playing with palm leaves. 

 Basically, this instrument is used in Gadwa Baja, and without  Gadwa Baja it is inferior and the performer is called Mohariha. 

Tambur (Tamura) 


 Tambura is used during both styles of Chhattisgarh’s folk Pandwani.

A stringed instrument that uses a ponytail or metal wire. 

 From a long piece of bamboo, a section resembling a tum’s bowl is taken and cowhide is overlaid over it.


 Midang, an ancient musical instrument of clay

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