Naag Khola Waterfall is in the lap of nature.

This waterfall comes under the Bilaspur district.

It comes under Nag Khola Reservoir.

However which is part of Achanakmar.

and the presence of 3 waterfalls has been confirmed here, out of which this is the plain part, and the remaining two waterfalls You have to climb a bit, which are bigger than these.

It is in a dense forest.

You have to do trekking for almost 2 km.


Best time to visit

November to February is the best time to visit this fall.

However, in the wet or rainy season, muddy roads become too slippery.

basically, in the summer season, the waterfall is dry.

Distance  of Naag Khola Waterfall from Bilaspur

This waterfall is about 52 km from Bilaspur.

How to reach

So, to reach here you will be told by asking Aurapani or Nag Khola reservoir on the Belgahna road from Bilaspur to Kota, this reservoir is about 16 km from the main road. 


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