Naagin Dongri 

Location of Nagin Dongri Junwani Kala 

The plight of Nagin Dongri – Village Junwani Kala, Tehsil – Bagbahra – District – Mahasamund (Chhattisgarh).

Junwani Kala is at a distance of 08 km from Bagbahra and this village is at 03 km from Chandi Mandir Ghunchapali.

There is a very ancient Naagin Dongri in this village.

There is a place about 50 feet long as if there was a snake lying there that someone had cut into pieces with a sharp weapon.

The villagers of Junwani worship it as (Village-Rasika) in the month of Shravan.

serpent stone of Nagin Dongri Junwani Kala 

The many marks here give the impression that a snake has just passed through there.

Here are some such points.

Where a melodious sound comes out by hitting pieces of stone.

It seems as if there is something hidden in the womb of this Dongri.

This place is full of natural beauty.

The ancient seal Lodha was also seen here but it has been stolen by anti-social elements.

Current status of Naagin Dongri

Today Naagin Dongri is on the verge of extinction.

The entire complex has become a victim of encroachment.

It seems as if after a few years this place will be converted into a farm.

Iron beams have been provided here to build a temple, but it seems.

Even after many years, the temple has not been constructed here due to which iron rods are being stolen.

And whatever is left seems to be eating junk.

Due to the negligence of the villagers, this place will become extinct after a few years.



The villagers and the administration should pay attention to the conservation of this Naagin Dongri and the entire complex should be freed from encroachment and declared a tourist destination.
Your support can save this ancient site from the brink of destruction. 

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