The village of Nambi waterfall (Usur) is located 8 km east of the village of Usur, crossing the village of Nadpalli.

Three kilometers from this village, on a mountain heading south towards the forest, there is a very high waterfall that looks like a thin stream of water when viewed from below.

Hence the name Nambi Stream.

Looking at this flow falling from a height of about 300 feet above the ground, it can be said that it is the highest waterfall in Bastar.

The height of the waterfall is 180 m. 

 Width – about 75 meters

It is on the border with Telangana, about 64 km from the center of the district.

Nambi is only 12 km from the Usur area. 

It is a waterfall that falls from the highest point of Bastar Sadan. 

 In  2001, the sole government of Andhra Pradesh attempted to build a tourist route. 

However, this attempt failed due to problems with the Naxalites. 

 The administration decided to develop this forgotten waterfall for decades. 

This waterfall is located in the Naxalite region ruled by the Naxalites. 

Coming here is more than risking your life. 


Distance of Nambi waterfall from Dantewada

Nambi Falls is 133 KM from Dantewada.


Best time to visit Nambi waterfall (Usur)

The view of the waterfall is eye-catching in the rainy season.

But, October to February is the best time to visit.

Note: being a Naxalite area prefer to come back before sunset.

How to reach Nambi waterfall (Usur)

By Air

Jagdalpur is the nearest airport.

By Train

Dantewada is the nearest railway station.

By Road

Buses are available from Jagdalpur.

From Bijapur, Usur can be reached by vehicle. 

When you arrive at Nambi village by motorcycle from Usur, you have to walk on a 3km hilly road. 


Nambi Falls is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Chhattisgarh.

A wonderful view of nature is present here, seeing the mind of the tourist feels at peace.

thousands of people visit here every year.

A number of people come to see Nambi Falls and here people do things like picnics and fun, fishing, etc.


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