Nandanvan Jungle Safari, Naya Raipur will provide a pleasing experience to the visitors.

However, it is not only about the local wildlife but also about national wildlife. 

Naya Raipur City is also developing into a world-class city. 

It is the vision of the Former Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh to create a world-class Zoo & Safari in Naya Raipur. 

The whole area, thus shall be a conservation, recreational, and educational site. 

The proposed area is adjoining the Botanical Garden.

The whole area, thus shall be developed as a conservation, recreational and educational site.

Nandanvan Jungle Safari, Naya Raipur will provide pleasing experience to the visitors not only about the local wildlife but also about national wildlife.

The exhibits care and awareness will be of such a level to promote conservation of wildlife.

Nandanvan Jungle Safari, Naya Raipur will endeavour to breed the endangered species in a planned manner for display, exchange and rehabilitation in the wild.

This zoo & safari will be a showcase of nature for the visitors, nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts.

Nandanvan Jungle Safari

Nandanvan Jungle Safari, Naya Raipur will endeavor to breed the endangered species.

It is in a planned manner for display, exchange, and rehabilitation in the wild.

This zoo & safari will be a showcase of nature for visitors, nature lovers, and wildlife enthusiasts.

Nandanvan Zoo and Safari is a zoological garden in Nava Raipur at a distance of 35 km.

from Raipur Railway station and 15km from the Swami Vivekananda Airport, Raipur.

The perennial Khandwa Dam of 52.52 hectares adds beauty to the zoo and safari.

 It is well connected from all directions by N.H. 6, N.H. 200, and N.H. 43.

The safari provides the maximum possible freedom to animals similar to their natural habitat.

Also allows visitors in vehicles to enjoy wildlife in close proximity.

The safari includes four safaris as Herbivore safari, Bear (Melursus ursinus) safari, Tiger (Panthera tigris) safari, and Lion (Panthera leo) safari.

As of 2021 the safari and zoo houses around 712 animals, including 33 endangered species, in its four safaris and 28 exhibits.

The enclosures are environmentally friendly.

So, and are more or less a true replication of the natural habitat of the animals.

Also being live here gives maximum comfort and a natural feel to them.

The Zoo is currently recognized and categorized as a medium zoo by the Central Zoo Authority, New Delhi.

Crocodile Exhibit

Crocodile Exhibit will display Marsh Crocodiles (Crocodylus palustris) in their natural habitat in a total area of 9,500 sq.m., with 350 sq.m. of holding-pan area to feed them.

A small & a large sand bed is also developed for Basking for these elongated, robust powerful jaw-bearer crocodiles.

The complete area is fenced with a 2m high chain link fence.

In India three different species of crocodiles are found: marsh crocodile, salt-water crocodile, and gharial.

Royal Bengal tiger

Royal Bengal tiger is developed in a total area of 2430 SQM that includes a paddock area of about 1945 SQM and a dry moat.

The lion enclosure is constructed in a huge area of 2550 SQM with a dry moat and 2511 SQM paddock area.

Nandanvan Jungle Safari has already a lot of attention.


The LEOPARD ENCLOSURE encompasses an area of 2070 SQM.


The WHITE TIGER ENCLOSURE enclosure tries to offer tigers a varied and naturalistic habitat. This enclosure contains a paddock area of 1999 SQM and a dry moat in a total area of 2590 SQM.

HISTORY of Nandanvan Jungle Safari

Established in 1979, The Nandanvan mini Zoo, Raipur, is a striving endeavour in form of a rescue shelter for animals in distress. The zoo is a recreational hub that serves as an educational centre besides being a haven for rescued animals. In 2008, CZA (Central Zoo Authority) granted the status of a mini zoo to Nandanvan. It’s been the paramount attraction for the people of Raipur.

In the Jungle Safari, visitors can enjoy the enlivening wildlife experience through safari vehicles and view wildlife in their natural habitat. Wildlife experts at Nandanvan, ascertained additional efforts and care to provide basic amenities needed for the animals in order to manifest their natural behavior – while ensuring safety of animals as well as the visitors and zoo keepers at the same time.

In the safari park, visitors are taken around in vehicles where they can see animals roam in natural habitat from close quarters. The Zoo administration has executed special efforts to develop public amenities such as polo cart vehicles, drinking water facilities, waiting hall, lawns & gazebos for shelter.

After development of Herbivore safari, Bear Safari and Tiger Safari the animals from the old Nandanvan Zoo Raipur were shifted to Naya Raipur with due diligence and care. On the occassion of Chhattisgarh’s 16th foundation day on 1st Nov 2016, the Honorable Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi inaugurated the Nandanvan Jungle Safari at Naya Raipur.

MISSION of Nandanvan Jungle Safari

It intends to complement the national efforts in the conservation of wildlife through the planned breeding of endangered species.

develop empathy and caring attitude among visitors for wild animals and flora.

offer excellent public service, recreation, and eco-awareness to the public.

house the animals in near natural conditions for giving them a feeling of living in the wild.

 help understand the ecological linkage with the life-supporting process of nature and the need to keep them intact that by adopting a lifestyle that is in harmony with nature.

Also, develop as a center of excellence for Research on wild animals and conservation breeding of endangered wild animal species of the region.

 function as a rescue center for orphaned, injured, and rescued animals from the wild and subsequent rehabilitation.

 develop Nandanvan Jungle Safari as a major tourist attraction and a focal point for Entertainment, Recreation, Education, and Awareness to the visitors of Chhattisgarh in particular and adjoining states in general.

VISION of Nandanvan Jungle Safari

The Nandanvan Jungle Safari will make an effort to breed the endangered species in a planned manner for rehabilitation in the wild.

Act as a research center, education, and awareness hub for the propagation and dissemination of information about Wildlife, Ecology, and the Environment to the people in general and students in particular.

 develop it as a center of excellence in the breeding and conservation of endangered animals especially the Wild Buffalo (Bubalus area) of the state.

 provide a serene and eco-friendly place to enjoy nature in its full form.

 make the Nandanvan Zoo and Safari a major tourist attraction of not only in Chhattisgarh but a tourist destination in the adjoining states of central India.

Objectives of Nandanvan Jungle Safari

To provide and facilitate research on animals in captivity to help in conservation efforts.

 provide house and upkeep to the orphan animals of endangered species rescued from the wild.

To assist in the conservation of the ex-situ population of various species of endangered animals and their habitat by sensitizing the people.

Involvement in programs that assist the survival of wild populations.

Conservation and breeding of endangered wild species.

To increase the awareness, knowledge, and understanding of visitors about animals, the environment, and conservation.

To provide ethical and healthy recreation, enjoyment, and enrichment to the visitors.

Year of Establishment

1st Nov. 2016

Total Area (in Hectares) of Jungle Safari Including Zoo

320.15 Hec.

Zoo Area ( in Hectares)

50 Hec.

How to reach Nandanvan Jungle Safari

By air

 The nearest Airport is 15 km from Nandanvan.

Swami Vivekanand International Airport, Raipur

By Rail

Nandanvan is 35 km from Railway Station, Raipur

By Road

Nandanvan is 30 km from Pandri Bus Stand, Raipur

Website of Nandanvan Jungle Safari

Telephone Number of Nandanvan Jungle Safari


Address of the Zoo

Sector 39, Naya Raipur

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