Narhara Falls

Heard of the gentle breeze blowing from the enchanting waterfall where the lush green forest is waiting for you.
Narhara is one such waterfall that can enchant you with just one look at its beauty.

The majestic Nahara Falls

It’s nice to be in such a peaceful place.
All you can hear is the roar of the waterfall.
The creek drops almost 10-15 feet (cascading) to form this beautiful waterfall.
The water flowing upstream is quite shallow, so tourists can pass through the embankment even during the rainy season, making it a good and safe place for families to come.
Tourists enjoying the upper reaches

Location Narhara Falls

Narhara is close to the banks of a small stream that can be said to be a tributary of the Mahanadi River,
which is considered the lifeblood of Chhattisgarh and irrigates more than 50% of the in its middle part.

How to reach Narhara Falls

From Dhamtari, take the Nagari Sihava road and walk to Kotarwahi village which is about 25 km from the district center.
You have to climb up to Narhara village which is almost 6 km from Kotarvahi where Gram Panchayat, the largest in Kotarvahi, is nearby.
Again, to see the waterfall, you have to cross the forest for almost 5 km to see the miracle.
So, it takes about 3-4 hours for tourists to reach this amazing place covering almost 125 km (approximately).
In addition to the short route, you can also visit this place by alternative routes.
From Raipur, we have to reach Kurud (1/4 of Dhamtari district, almost 50 km from Raipur).
From here (Welcome gate of Kurud) we can turn left onto the main highway for 16-20 km to reach Megha village.
It is still almost 15-20 km from Mega to Nahara, and on both sides of the road, there is a single, well-built road completely adorned with lush green forests and farms.
So it is about 90 km away from this route.

Best time to visit

Nahara Falls (bottom) Narkhara is primarily a perennial waterfall, but at the end of winter and summer, its width becomes very weak.
So you can enjoy its beauty even during the rainy season and winter.
Raipur and Damtari are the nearest railway stations and Raipur is the nearest domestic airport with year-round access.


Visiting a peaceful place like a haven next to a crowded area is a great experience.
So visit Narhara Waterfall.

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