Onakona Mandir tourist place Man-made most beautiful temple in Chhattisgarh.

Onakona temple
Onakona temple

location of Onakona Mandir 

On NH-30 Raipur – Bastar road, about 35 km from Dhamtari and about 90 km from the capital Raipur, Ona Kona village is where Ona Kona temple. 

Onakona Mandir 

Onakona temple
Onakona temple

This temple is a unique piece of art. 

It is in a corner of Chhattisgarh.

This is a grand temple, it is said that this is also the last end of Gangrel.

This temple comes under the Gurur development block of Balod, this temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Ona Kona temple will be included as the most beautiful picnic spot and tourist place in the coming times.

The district administration is working hard to develop Onakona as a tourist destination.

Boating is also available.

The sunset is amazing here.


History of Onakona Temple

This temple is being built by Tirath Raj Futan, a businessman from Dhamtari.

However, This temple is not very old, this temple has been built recently and still, the construction work of this temple is going on.

Apart from this, there is also a tomb and a small temple of Lord Shri Ram around this temple.

Apart from being one end of Ona Kona Gangrel Dam, it is the submergence area of Gangrel, so there is water throughout the year around the temple.

This temple is also dedicated to Lord Shiva, which is why it is also known as Tamrakeshwar Temple.

The sculpture here is very beautiful.

Geography of Onakona Mandir 

Onakona temple
Onakona temple

Onakona as it is clear from the name is situated in the corner of the Gurur development block of Balod district on the bank of Mahanadi where the Gangrel dam submergence area is there.

This village is under a mountain.

To come here one has to cross rough roads.

Although this place is naturally very beautiful, due to the submergence area of Gangrel Dam, this place looks even more beautiful.

A boating facility is also provided by the local fishermen to the people coming here, for recently few years.

Since this place is in great discussion for the grand temple being built here which is being built by a businessman from Dhamtari,

The temple is being built like the Shri Trimbakeshwar Jyotirlinga Dham at Nashik

If the founder of the temple, Tirthraj Futan, is to be believed, then this temple is being built like Shri Trimbakeshwar Jyotirlinga Dham located in Nashik, Maharashtra.

Efforts are being made to build the same scene as seen in Nashik.

The purpose of building the temple is that the poor families who are unable to go on pilgrimage to Nashik due to their weak economic condition, can come here to Onakona and take advantage of the darshan.

Sufi saints did penance

According to the villagers, a Sufi saint (Baba Farid) came here many years ago, he did penance sitting here since then a dhuni has been lit here, which is still burning continuously with the help of the villagers.

The wishes of the people who come here and who believe in them are fulfilled.

A tomb has also been built here, which is located near the temple.

Distance of Onakona temple from Raipur

Almost 104 km

Distance of Onakona temple from Durg

90 km

Distance of Onakona temple from Bhilai

Almost 86 km

Distance of Onakona temple from Dhamtari


How To Reach Onakona Mandir 

By Road 

You will easily get a paved road to reach Ona Kona which you can reach through your vehicles. It is situated at a distance of about 30 km from Dhamtari district and about 90 km from the capital Raipur.

By Rail 

The nearest railway station from Ona Kona is Dhamtari Railway Station which is about 30 kilometers away.

By Air 

The nearest airport to Ona Kona is Raipur Airport which is approximately 110 kms away.


Good place for a picnic. Spend quality time with your near and dear ones.


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