The history of Orchha is very glorious.

In this post, you will get about the story of Raja Ram Mandir, the story of King Hardaul, the history of the forts and palaces of Orchha, 

Orchha is a town in the Niwari district of Madhya Pradesh, India.

However, forts and temples have their own separate history.

 from the point of view of tourism, this place is very good.

History of Orchha

Orchha, situated on the banks of the Betwa river, used to be the capital of the Parihar kings during the medieval period.

 Orchha construction was started by King Rudra Pratap Singh in the year 1501.

 now we introduce you to the history of the main places of this place, we tell the history of Orchha in detail 

Story of Shri Ram Raja Mandir

The importance of Shri Ram Raja Sarkar is visible to you in Orchha after Ayodhya.

here people consider Lord Ram as their king.

Ram is the king of every religion, people from far and wide come to this place to see Ram Raja.

Coming to the history of the temple starts from the tenure of Madhukar Shah Ji.

Madhukar Shah Ji was a Krishna devotee and the Maharani who was from the Gwalior district was a Ram devotee.

The name of the queen was Kunwar Ganesh.

One day Madhukar Shah and Kunwar Ganesh were talking.

Both of them started quarreling over their respective deity Maharaja Madhukar Shah told the Queen that if he is a true Ram devotee then go to Ayodhya and bring Ramji here.

Now the Queen also accepted this and said that either now I will bring my god Lord Ram from Ayodhya to Orchha or else I will give up my life in Ayodhya itself.

Now Maharani Kunwar Ganesha came to Ayodhya and started penance on the banks of river Saryu.

it had been 7 days to worship.

Lord Ram (somewhere it is said to be 21 days) did not give darshan to Maharani Ji.

Now Maharani Ji is desperate and decides to give up her life and jump into Saryu.

Only then Maryada Purushottam Shri Ram comes there in the form of a child.

Note (some people say that when she jumped from the queen in Sarayu, Lord Rama was in the water of the Queen and sat on the lap)

Now the Queen requests Shri Ram, who came in the form of a child, to walk to Orchha.

So, Shri Ram also agrees, but with three conditions.


The first condition – is only we will be the king of where we are going, no one else

The second condition is – We will go on foot with you from Ayodhya to Orchha, that too in Punya Nakshatra.

The third condition – If we sit anywhere, we will not get up from there.

Maharani Kunwar Ganesh accepted all three conditions of Shri Ram.

then Shri Ram sat on the lap of the Queen in the form of an idol.

the Queen walked towards Orchha on foot and in 8 months and 28 days she had come to Orchha.

Before reaching Orchha, Maharaja Madhukar Shah had a dream that the Queen was bringing Lord Ram.

so Madhukar Shah started building a temple for Lord Ram, which is Chaturbhuj Temple.

But before this quadrangle temple could be completed, Maharani Kunwar Ganesh Ji came to Orchha with Shri Ram.

Installed Shri Ram in the kitchen of her palace for a short time.

It was to be installed in this chaturbhuj temple, but that idol of Shri Ram did not arise from there.

everyone considered it a miracle of Lord Ram and made the same palace a temple.

It is called Shri Ram Raja Mandir.

So that’s why Raja Ram sitting in the palace is the king of Orchha.

in Orchha, only Raja Ram’s government runs.

here the police salute Raja Ram with a gun.

the history of Orchha is incomplete without the history of Shri Ram Raja Sarkar.

Shri Ram Raja Sarkar Mandir Orchha Tourist Places

Shri Ram Raja Sarkar Mandir

Story of Raja Hardaul

The story of Raja Hardaul is narrated in almost every house of Bundelkhand.

this story shows the love of brother and sister.

See, Hardaul was the son of Raja Veer Singh Dev and Jujhar Singh was the brother of Hardaul.

Raja Veer Singh made Jujhar Singh the king of Orchha.

And Diwan of Hardaul, who hated Hardaul, deceived Raja Jujhar Singh.

that Hardaul’s illicit relationship was with Champavati, the wife of Jujhar Singh.

Raja Jujhar Singh ordered Rani Champavati to poison Hardaul.

and the queen went but she could not poison Hardaul.

for the honor of her sister-in-law, Hardaul himself drank the poison.

The story does not end yet for Hardaul.

Buried away from the settlement, then one day the sister of Jujhar Singh Hardaul comes to Kunjavati, Kunjavati was the wife of Raja Ranjit Singh, the king of Datia.

Kunjavati had come to ask for rice from King Jujhar Singh in the marriage of her daughter.

but Jujhar Singh rejected this request.

of Kunjavati saying that Kunjavati used to love her more than Hardaul, so now go and ask for rice from Hardaul in the crematorium, now did Kunjavati cry.

And crying as soon as she reached Hardaul’s tomb, she started asking for more rice, and only then a voice came that Hardaul would bring rice.

If folklore is to be believed, then the soul of Hardaul had actually gone to his niece’s wedding with rice, but here is the name of Kunjavati.

History of Orchha Fort

Now talking about the history of the fort of Orchha,

this fort was built by King Rudra Pratap Singh, after this, there were many kings and everyone built different palaces.

First of all, let’s talk about the history of the Jahangir Mahal.

Raja Vir Singh Dev builds this between 1605 and 1627.

The construction of the first floor of the palace was completed in the year 1606 before the arrival of Jahangir, the rest of the rooms, domes, and chhatris on the second floor were built in the year 1618.

Raja Veer Singh and Jahangir’s friendship was very much.

because when the Mughal ruler Akbar sent Abul Ghazal to control Jahangir, in the meantime Jahangir had become friends with Raja Veer Singh.

then Raja Veer Singh sent Abul Fazal to him.

When Jahangir became the Mughal emperor, he handed over Orchha to Raja Veer Singh, there is some such history.

 History of Rai Praveen Mahal.

This palace is also built inside the fort of Orchha.

Between 1592 and 1605, Maharaja Ram Shah’s younger brother was the caretaker ruler of Orchha, whose name was Inderjit Singh, Rai Praveen was his girlfriend.

She was a skilled dancer, Mahakavi Keshavdas has spoken a lot about the beauty of Rai Praveen in his book Kavi Priya.

History of the Raja Mahal

Now let’s talk about the history of the Raja Mahal located inside the fort,

construction by King Rudra Pratap between 1501 and 1531.

after that Bharati Chand, the elder son of Raja Rudra Pratap Singh did the work of this palace from 1531 to 1554.

Then there were some changes in this palace which were done by Madhukar Shah, brother of Bharti Chand, between 1554 and 1592.

History of Orchha Questions Related to

Question – What is the history of Orchha?

To tell this, we have written a post, so you read and understand the history.

Question – What is the story of Ramraja Sarkar?

The story of Ramraja Sarkar revolves around Maharani Kunwar Ganesh Ji of Orchha, we have written the whole story, please read the post.

Question – Is the story of King Hardaul important in the history of Orchha?

No doubt any issue related to Orchha be it history or geography King Hardaul will definitely be remembered.

Question – Who built the fort of Orchha?

Raja Rudrapratap Singh

Question – Who and for whom was Rai Praveen Mahal built?

Raja Inderjit Singh had built this fort for his girlfriend Rai Praveen.

Question – Who built the Raja Mahal of Orchha?

The work of construction of Raja Mahal was started by King Rudra Pratap, later it was completed by Bharti Chand and Madhukar Shah.

Question – Who built the Jahangir Mahal?

Jahangir Mahal was built by Raja Veer Singh Dev Ji.

Way Of Orchha Fort

To reach Orchha city, first of all, you have to visit Rani Laxmibai’s city Jhansi which is now in Uttar Pradesh.

You will have to come here, then go to Orchha Dham.

you have to cover a distance of only 16 kilometers from here.

As soon as you enter the city, the shadow and eternal grace of Ram Raja falls upon you.

And you will be surprised to see the scenery here, people from almost every country of the world come here.

And the temples, forts, forests, and river banks keep on seeing the animals jumping and jumping here.

Orchha Fort 

Orchha city is one such place where not only for the Hindu religion but people of all religions like art and nature.

They also come here to get this beautiful place in their mind.

It is a stronghold for tourists from all over the world.

And thousands of people come here from other countries.

There are mainly 2 big forts here.

Seeing the first Rajmahal and second Jahangir Mahal whose constructions, even big engineers are surprised.

The Raj Mahal Fort was built by Raja Rudra Pratap Singh in 1501 AD.

Then whatever kings came, they should keep the beauty of this palace intact.

Raja Veer Singh Dev was in possession from 1605 to 1627 and during this time he built Jahangir Mahal, which is said to be the epitome of friendship.

Apart from this, there is also a Sheesh Mahal here.

Seeing this which is also the Palace of mirrors, even big engineers get confused.

And then apart from this, Rai Praveen Mahal and Sundar Mahal also have special importance here.

And many such palaces have also on Betwa Ghat on which vultures also reside.

The special thing is this the vulture here is vegetarian.

But vultures being carnivorous birds, eat this vegetarian food.

This is also not a simple matter.


Laxminarayan Temple 

Laxmi-Narayana Temple is of Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Vishnu.

Which is on a small hill in Orchha.

But this temple is near the forest.

So monkeys, langurs, and other animals keep coming and going here.

So if you take anything here, keep it away from the reach of the monkey.


There are pictures of the battle of Jhansi in this temple.

which is ancient.

you can view Orchha from here.

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