Pawai waterfall is the most beautiful tourist destination which attracts people towards itself. 

Pawai Waterfall is situated in the Chanan River flowing in the Semarsot Sanctuary, whose height is about 100 meters. 

Located about 16 KM from Balrampur, the trees and unpaved road all around on the way create a beautiful scene that will put your heart at ease. 

If you make up your mind to trekking or picnic along with a natural forest view, then you also must visit Powai waterfall.  

The special thing is that Powai Waterfall is the most beautiful tourist place in Balrampur. 

That’s why thousands of people come every year.

However, there is a lot of crowd in tourist places, waterfalls, or other philosophical places during the winter season, on the occasion of New Year, and Christmas. 

But Powai Falls is completely different from other places. 

Because there is a feeling of coolness in every season at this place, therefore there are a lot of tourists here even in the summer season. 

When water falls from top to bottom from a height of 100 feet, the water spreads like dew in the surrounding environment.

Due to this, the place near the waterfall remains cool every season. Because of this waterfall is liked more. Apart from Chhattisgarh, people from neighboring states also come here for picnics.

The waterfall drops over 100 feet.   

Pawai Fall is the center of attraction. Here, the water falls from a height of about 100 feet. 

The Chanan River flows under the waterfall. 

To date, no administrative-level initiative has been taken to develop the infrastructure. 

The Kutcha Road has been set aside by the Forest Service, but because of the half-kilometer sidewalk, picnickers park their cars and walk. 


Precaution in Pawai Waterfall

Taking selfies and walking in the mountains can be dangerous 

The depth under the falls is still unknown. 

Taking selfies here in such circumstances can be very dangerous. 

The uphill road is also dangerous.

 Under these circumstances, people heading here should take special precautions.

 A lot of accidents have happened here recently.

 No security is there. 

 If you go to Pawai Waterfall, then keep in mind that there is a possibility of an unpleasant incident due to excessively slippery water on the rocks there, so be careful.  


How To Reach Pawai Waterfall 

 Pawai Waterfall is around 16km from Balrampur, before reaching this waterfall you have to reach Balrampur. 

You can go with the help of two or four-wheelers but you have to walk for the last 1.5 km.  


Nearest Bus Stand 


 Nearest Airport 

Birsa Munda Airport Ranchi 

 Nearest Railway Station 

Ambikapur or Garhwa Road Railway Station 


Places To Visit Near Pawai Waterfall 


Here naturally hot water is coming out from the earth, it fills people with wonder.

so it is famous all over the state and many people come to see it.

The water here is so hot that potatoes, rice, and eggs are boiled here. 

 Semarsot Sanctuary 

 Among the wildlife in this sanctuary, you can see leopard, gaura, nilgai, chila, sambhara, kotra, son dog, and more.

The reserve is open for tourists from November to June.

The ancient temples of Deepadi.

If you are interested in archaeological sights, you must visit the ancient temple of Deepadi.

Nearby, archaeological remains from the 8th to 14th centuries have been discovered and preserved in one place.

It is like a museum in an open field.


Feel the coolness in the summer season also.

All in all, visit the beautiful Powai Waterfall of Chhattisgarh and know what is special here.

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