Pendri Talab is a miraculous pond in Mungeli where the patient gets cured by bathing.

It is on Pendri Lormi Road.

This pond is said to be more than 200 years old, about which people have recently learned about it.

 If someone has a skin disease can come to Pendri Pond in the Mungeli district.



Pendri Pond is near the villages of Manoharpur and Barabaspur in the Mungeli district. The distance of the pond from Mungeli is 15 kilometers, and it is on Lormi Road, which is 12 kilometers away from Lormi. The village of Pendri, where the ponda is becoming increasingly popular in Chhattisgarh.


History of Pendri Talab Mungeli


This pond is called “Satya Sagar Pendri Pond” and has been in existence for 200 years according to local people.

It is that the pond has miraculous healing powers. People come from Sawan in large numbers to take a bath in the pond, with 500-1000 people visiting daily. The number of visitors increases on Mondays.


Many people claim to have been cured of physical ailments after taking a bath in the Pendri Pond. The history of the pond dates back to the time when a laborer named Nayak was suffering from leprosy. One day, his buffalo fell sick and drank water from a small pit near Nayak. The buffalo’s health improved immediately, which surprised Nayak. He applied the soil from the pit on himself and took a bath with that water, and his own disease started to improve as well.


Nayak told the elders of the village about the miraculous healing powers of the pond, and everyone agreed to build a big pond at that spot. The tradition of taking a bath in the pond for a cure has been followed since then.


what to do in pendry pond?

In Mungeli, there is a pond where people believe that taking a bath can cure them of their diseases. To do this, they apply mud from the pond onto their bodies and then take a dip in the water. Similarly, people also believe that bathing in Pendri Pond can cure all kinds of physical ailments.


When should one go to Pendry Pond?

There is a tradition of visiting Pendri Pond every Monday. According to the local people, it is auspicious to visit Pendri Pond on Mondays, especially if someone is sick. The ritual involves taking a bath in the pond on three consecutive Mondays. However, people also visit the pond on other days for other reasons.

How to reach Pendri talab

If you want to know how to get to Pendri Talab from Mungeli, the distance between them is 15 kilometers. Below are some suggested means of travel that can help you reach your destination with ease:

It’s easy to reach Pendri Talab Mungeli by road.

You can easily reach Pendri Talab Mungeli by bike or car.


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