Pujari Kanker village is on the border of Telangana, 72 kilometres from Bijapur district headquarters in Chhattisgarh.

Pandavas are worshipped in this village.

In this village, separate priests have been appointed for each of the five Pandava brothers.

The villagers believe that the Pandavas had spent some time in a secret abode located in a huge mountain near the village during their entry into Dandakaranya.

Thus, the mountain is named Pandav Mountain.

The Pandavas emerged from the Sakalnarayan cave near Bhopalpatnam through a tunnel passing through this mountain.

where the idol of Shri Krishna is presently placed.

There is also a temple on top of the mountain.

Every year, the Sakalnarayan fair is held where an idol of Krishna is worshiped.

Apart from this temple, the villagers have also built Dharamraj (Yudhishthir) temple on the outskirts of the village.

where a fair is held once every two years.

in which 25-30 village deities come to participate.

Pujari Kanker village
Pujari Kanker map

Festival in Pujari Kanker village

Every two years, a fair is in Dharamraj temple.

where the devotees come to sacrifice goats and chickens as per their wishes and vows.

This fair is only on Wednesday in the month of April.

Villagers say that their village has been named Pujari Kanker because it is a village of worshipers and priests.

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