Rabo Dam, Raigarh

Fulfill the water requirement of 1000 MW Thermal Jindal Power Plant.

 this Rabo Dam is on Kurk River about 25 km away.

One can watch nice sunset behind the hill range at Rabo Dam. 

Distance from Ram Jharna is a journey of around 20 km and generally takes 30-40 minutes. 

There is a narrow road through the forest. 

This is the shortest route to the dam.

 It’s a 30-minute drive. 

The village road meets the river outside the forest.

It is just like the other dam. 

It is not as massive as the Maithon or Panchat dams in West Bengal. 

The catchment area is not large. 

But the natural beauty here is fantastic.

The viewpoint is too good.

The sunset view is amazing.

Year of establishment of Rabo Dam


Total Area of Rabo Dam

 783 sq km

Submerged Area 

681 ha

Dam Top Level

RL 261.50 m


It is likewise referred to as Rabo Reservoir or Rabo Lake and is surrounded via way of means of lush inexperienced hills and forests.

 The dam is a famous vacation destination. 

It is a super spot for boating and a famous picnic spot. 

The reservoir gives mind-blowing perspectives of the encircling hills and forests and is an exceptional vicinity for nature fanatics and photographers.

Distance of Rabo Dam from Raigarh

Almost 35 km


Places To Visit Near Rabo Dam

Neelkanth Temple

Other locations close to Rabo encompass the Neelkanth Temple, located at the reservoir’s banks. 

The temple is devoted to Lord Shiva and is a famous pilgrimage site. 

Gomarda Wildlife Sanctuary

Likewise, the Gomarda Wildlife Sanctuary is domestic to diverse natural world species. The sanctuary additionally gives a whole lot of sports like camping, and trekking.

Maheshwari Temple

Near Rabo, travelers can go to the Maheshwari Temple at the reservoir`s bank. 

The temple is devoted to Goddess Maheshwari and has stunning architecture. 

Bishnoi Temple

Tourists also can go to the Bishnoi Temple at the reservoir’s banks. 

The temple is devoted to Lord Shiva and is thought for its tricky carvings and delightful sculptures.


For the ones searching for an extra enjoyable holiday, Rabo Dam is a prime spot for fishing and swimming. 

The reservoir is domestic to diverse fish species and is an exceptional spot for anglers. 

Tourists also can take a ship experience at the pool and experience the region’s scenic beauty.



Rabo Dam is an exceptional spot for a weekend getaway and gives something to everyone.

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